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An ancient idea.
—A Gyrocopter is ready to go and snoop

The Gyrocopter is a Chinese infantry that is similar to the Allied Rocketeer.

Official description

Instead of preparing jetpacks for their troopers, the Chinese decided to proceed with the production of miniature copters with machine guns integrated into their structure. Though less nimble and more haphazard than the Rocketeer, the Chinese Gyrocopter is better armed and can sustain more damage.

The Chinese were the first to notice the potential of the inconspicuous rapid-firing guns previously utilized in some of their military boats, and decided to combine it with the unusual concept that is the Gyrocopter. What this heavily customized heavy machine gun lacks in accuracy, it makes up for with its impressive firing rate and additional splash effect, unseen in the older Soviet firearms. It might only be a matter of time before the Chinese equip even more of their forces with their improved deadly machineguns. One thing is certain - when you hear these flying machines in the sky, death is soon to follow.[1]


Possibly the most versatile airborne infantry unit besides the Allied hero Norio and the Rocketeers, Chinese Gyrocopters are useful infantry to have when a Chinese commander cannot engage targets due to distance, terrain or other factors. They are not threatening when in small groups, however, they will be dangerous to infantry and air forces when larger number of them are sent.

Unlike Rocketeers, Gyrocopters are only affective for infantry and air units, and even in the cluster they can hardly damage the vehicles. But their area-of-effect is much larger than Rocketeers, which means they can destroy enemy infantry squads faster than Rocketeers in a cluster.

In spite of their speed, they will easily fall if exposed to anti-air fire. Their short range also puts them at risk of being drawn into the range of anti-aircraft weapons when pursuing targets.

AI behavior

Gyrocopters controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 4x targeting infantry
  • 4x following friendlies
  • 6x guarding Tesla Coils or Flak Cannons


  • 6x targeting infantry or garrisonable structures


This Gyrocopter has figured us out! He will pursue the Legion, watch out for him!
—Allied intel during Operation: Bottleneck

Act One

  • Alongside most other Chinese units, the Gyrocopter debuts in Think Different, when China enters the Third Great War.
  • In Singularity, several Gyrocopters will show up once if the enemy veteran units detect the Epsilon forces. However, it can be killed by any mind controlled enemy units that are capable of anti-air such as Battle Tortoise, Halftrack, and the Sentinel.

Act Two

  • In The Mermaid, a Gyrocopter will come to patrol the prison where Tanya and Siegfried start minutes later after the mission starts. The duo must avoid him, as neither of whom can attack air.
  • In Bottleneck, shortly after the start of the battle, a Gyrocopter will start chasing the player’s Chrono Legionnaire. His flight speed is slower than conventional, and will run out of fuel then crash when the Paradox Engine is about to enter the battlefield. Since the Chrono Legionnaire cannot attack aircraft, they need to avoid him.
  • In Juggernaut, Gyrocopter is available to train by player's Russian forces.


  • Versatile unit which can engage both air and ground targets.
  • Mobile with decent flying speed.
  • Weapon deals splash damage.
  • Effective at harassing enemy units.
  • Better armed and tougher than a Rocketeer.
  • Good scouting unit as it can travel across any terrain.
  • Quite cheap ($600), can be trained in numbers.
  • Fragile.
  • Vulnerable to any anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Weapons are fairly inaccurate and can cause friendly fire.
  • Not very effective against heavily armored vehicles and defensive structures.
  • Slower than a Rocketeer.

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