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The Gun Turret is the Allies' basic defense structure against vehicles.

Official description

The Gun Turret is the polar opposite of the Pillbox, using standard armor piercing rounds to punch through enemy armor. This does mean the Gun Turret is inadequate at defending itself against infantry threats.[1]


The Gun Turret's cheap cost and lack of power requirement makes it a good early defense against vehicle rushes or a backup defense in case a commander's power was sabotaged or disrupted by enemy attacks.

They are an economical alternative to the Prism Tower, as they do not consume any power and only costs half the price of one. In addition, they do not have the aforementioned defense's weakness of being vulnerable to massed rushes - that is, where Prism Towers in close proximity to each other will all fire on a single target closest to them, a drawback that is often exploited by crafty enemies.

However, it is outshined by the complementary nature of Prism Towers and the long range of the Grand Cannon in longer battles. It is also susceptible from monster tanks and siege units, as their strength and longer range respectively will outmatch it with little effort. They are mediocre against all forms of infantry, so they must be paired up with the Pillbox or other dedicated anti-infantry units for maximum effectiveness.


Act One

  • The Gun Turret first appears as a buildable structure in Red Dawn Rising alongside the other Allied buildings, at the beginning of the Third Great War.

Behind the scenes

  • The icon of the Gun Turrent in v3.0
    The Gun Turret had a different design in 3.0 (see Gallery). The artwork of the v3.0 Gun Turret by MadHQ is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here (also called Gun Turret).


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