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Our might will reach the heavens.
—Grumble's creed

The Grumble is a Soviet stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Allied Tech Center and Construction Yard. Arguably one of the most powerful anti-air weapons in the war, it can easily bring down enemy aircraft in its way.

However, one has to take note that the Grumble must be deployed first before it can fire and it cannot attack aircraft that fly too close.

Official description

The Grumble is the Soviet response to the continuously expanding Allied air force, available once the Allied jet engine technology has been carefully researched by Soviet spies. With a set of massive rocket launchers, the Grumble is capable of eliminating any type of aircraft at great ranges when deployed.

The Grumble has no means of defending itself against ground targets, so it requires support from other units. It also has a Minimum Range that the enemy aircraft can approach and stay safe in, so remember to create your Grumble defense line wisely, and don't leave any "dead zones".[1]


Being the most powerful anti-air unit in the game, the Grumble's construction prerequisites are correspondingly demanding. The Soviet commander must let their Saboteurs infiltrate an Allied Construction Yard and Tech Center from at least one Allied enemy. However, it is worth noting that once a Grumble is built, it isn’t able to fire upon aircraft immediately. The Soviet commander should move it to a good spot (and the expanded Grumble occupies two grid spaces) so it can use its air defense capabilities. Once deployed, however, don’t expect any kind of aircraft to get past them; not even the Wings of Coronia’s powerful aircraft can hope to evade their range.

The missiles fired by Grumble can destroy a heavy aircraft with just two hits, but its biggest drawback is the poor maneuverability and slowness of its projectiles, that fast aircraft such as the Hummingbird can outspeed and outmanuever. In additon, it cannot target aircraft that fly directly above the Grumble itself (considering they can actually do that), and the lack of ground unit resistance makes it a sitting duck for ground forces. If a defenseless Grumble is attacked by an anti-armor unit, it is quite difficult to transfer it to a safe area in time because of its slow speed. Due to this feature limitation, Grumbles are generally used for base defense.


Act Two

  • One Grumble appears at bottom right corner of map in The Conqueror, but not functional yet.



  • Extremely powerful anti-air defense.
  • Incredible attack range.
  • Deals splash damage.
  • Quite durable.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Cannot be crushed by larger units once deployed.
  • Expensive (costing $2000).
  • Only available in the late game, after building a Soviet Lab and infiltrating an enemy Allied Tech Center and ConYard.
  • Cannot repair itself when deployed.
  • Very slow-moving.
  • Slow rate of fire.
  • Cannot target ground units.
  • Must be stationary and deployed to fire weapon.
  • Minimum range can be exploited by aircraft.


  • The Grumble is based upon the real-life S-300 (SA-10 "Grumble") heavy surface-to-air missile launcher that was used by the Soviet Union.

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