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The Grinder is a PsiCorps/Epsilon support structure capable of recycling a commander's units, infantry and vehicles alike, when he deems them no longer useful (in particular, mind-controlled units), converting them into resources to fund any war effort.

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One of Yuri's most horrible inventions - the Grinder. Introduced during the battle in Hollywood, this device is used in order to utilize any unit, let it be mechanical or organic into raw materials which can be later used by Epsilon forces again. Attractive, especially when Epsilon captures a unit with mind control which it would rather sell, than use in battle.[1]


Sometimes PsiCorps army has mindcontrolled unit, which would be better to be recycled than used in battle. That's why I entered this brutal device into usage. With 4 spinning spiked balls, Grinder can utilise any infantry or armored unit and get resources which would be useful during the battle.[2]

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