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The Grinder is an Epsilon support structure capable of recycling a proselyte's units, infantry and vehicles alike, when he deems them no longer useful (in particular, mind-controlled units), converting them into resources to fund the proselyte's war effort.

Similar to Construction Yards, the Grinder can be packed into a mobile version, allowing it to be relocated elsewhere.

Official description

Another one of Yuri's inhumane inventions is the Grinder: a structure capable of breaking down both mechanical and organic material in order to be recycled as raw resources to fill Epsilon's coffers. Many victims of mind control have met an untimely and grisly fate being fed to the Grinder when a commander deems them as no longer of use. The Grinders spread everywhere, thanks to their ability to pack into a vehicle for transport. They are often seen accompanying Yuri's large resource-gathering operations.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

The Grinder becomes an essential structure in situations where the proselyte's economy is disrupted (e.g. all Ghost Miners are destroyed or unable to mine in farther ore fields due to wide use of detection by the enemy); otherwise, it functions as an economy supplement. Whether mind-controlled units or the proselyte's own, they may be forced to recycle the more important ones to acquire more credits to spend on economy restoration. Otherwise, it is situational to build if said proselyte wishes to use the former against the opposition instead and if their economy is stable for the time being.

The subfaction that benefits most from the Grinder is PsiCorps due to having multiple choices of mind-controllers, whereas the rest only have the Epsilon Adept and the rarely seen Dybbuk-Seizer available to all Epsilon subfactions. The mobile nature of the Grinder means that it is able to accompany the main army, so mind controlled units can be recycled in no time, freeing up space for more mind control victims while gaining extra funds too.

It is also worth mentioning that unlike in the original Yuri's Revenge, the Grinder can no longer be abused to increase Epsilon economy significantly due to the removal of the Genetic Mutator (though the Geneburst from Epsilon HQ exists, it doesn't match the original's larger radius and guaranteed Brute transformation) and the Slave Miner.

AI behavior

By default, the AI will normally not build Grinders, nor will they pack them into Mobile Grinders.

Should they own one, the AI usually sends mind controlled units to the Grinder rather their own units.

On normal circumstances after a unit is mind controlled, this has a 5% chance of happening (for reference, the other AI decisions in the same circumstance are as follows: there is a 75% chance the unit is added to AI squads, 5% it is sent to a Bio Reactor, and 15% it will mindlessly attack the enemy, usually the former owner).

This changes when the mind controlled unit in question is at red health (or 25% health). The probability increases from 5% to 40% (5% it is added to AI squads, 40% it is sent to a Bio Reactor, and 5% it will mindlessly attack the enemy).


PsiCorps reinforcements have arrived with the new Mobile Grinder. Once deployed, it can recycle captured units into raw resources.
—Scorpion Cell intel during Operation: Fallen Ashes

In some campaign missions (particularly where money is limited such as Hysteria and Earthrise), the Grinder usually serves as a bounty target. If an enemy Grinder is destroyed, a money crate will appear on the Grinder's position.

Act Two

Special Ops

This isn't from the chemicals. It's the smell of blood.
—Feng squad member during Operation: Time Capsule
  • The Grinder first appears in Time Capsule. Two of them are inactive and packed into their mobile form; the other is active and can be seen recycling prisoners when the player's units approach.
  • Grinder makes its debut in Fallen Ashes. After a while, PsiCorps will arrive with a few Epsilon Adepts and the new Mobile Grinder to support the Proselyte.

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