The Grand Cannon is a long-range defense structure used by the Allies.


The Grand Cannon is the largest Allied defensive structure. Boasting tremendous range and a gigantic caliber shell, the Grand Cannon can easily destroy an invasion force long before it arrives at its destination. Unfortunately, the cannon has a rather large minimum range, making close range support vital.


The Grand Cannon operates differently from its Red Alert 2 version. Its cost is cheaper, hit points are increased and turn rate and projectile speed are faster, at the cost of having a higher tier requirement, reduced damage, slightly reduced range and consuming more power which makes it on par with its new counterparts. This doesn't mean that the Grand Cannon is not as viable in Mental Omega, as it is the only static Allied defense that is capable of targeting ground adversaries out of range from other defenses, especially most artilleries. It is also the only Allied defense that possesses splash damage that makes engagements within Allied territory a difficult challenge.

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