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The Gladius Defense System is an anti-ballistic missile system designed by the British to shield London and the rest of Great Britain from a MIDAS ICBM strike.


Based on scavenged American laser technology, the Gladius is capable of intercepting even the MIDAS ICBMs. Its limited range necessitates the construction of three Gladius stations in total between the UK and continental Europe. Should even one of the Gladius installations is destroyed, a MIDAS will be able to get through, allowing the Soviet Union to defeat the Allies once and for all and secure their victory. The Soviets are aware of this weakness, but their massive army and fleet, in a bid to destroy the Gladius system and conquer the UK, are defeated by Allied forces under their best field commander, who keep the system intact and discourage the Soviets from trying.

The Gladius system stands for two years until the Allies are caught off guard in a sudden Epsilon raid on London. The Soviets learned in Fatal Impact that the Epsilon were able to capture and reverse-engineer them before creating their own equivalent, the Spatha Defense System.


Act One

  • The Gladius system only appears in Sunlight. The three Gladius units are the primary targets of the Soviet assault, and must be protected by the player until the Soviet forces are destroyed. Each Gladius unit creates a build area around it.