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An unidentified hostile commander has combined the jamming technologies together to develop a massive system, which renders his opponents powerless. Fortunately for you, this system is still immature, so there's time to nip it in the bud.
—Map description

Gladiator Challenge is the nineteenth Challenge map where your enemy has advanced weapon-disabling effects in use to defend themselves.


From left to right on the top of the map are Russia, the Epsilon Headquarters and the Haihead AI. They are located in a composite tech fortress, with a small team composed of the Seitaad Ballistae, Apocalypse Tanks and Salamanders for defense and patrol. A large number of Signal Inhibitors are placed in enemy fortresses, which interfere with the use of support powers by players.

As the battle progresses, the idle Cloning Vats and War Factories in the fortress will be activated one after another, and the enemy's ability to suppress the player's forces will increase accordingly.

In this challenge, two players will be affected by the weapon jamming system. During the 3-minute impact period, one types among the player's infantry, vehicle, defenses or aircraft will be unable to fire until the weapon interference effect ends. There is a 1-minute buffer time between the two weapon interference effects. The type of interference effect for the two players is random, but the first four weapon interference effects are fixed as follows:

  • The 1st time: the 1st challenger's infantry and the 2nd challenger's vehicles are affected
  • The 2nd time: the 1st challenger's vehicles and the 2nd challenger's defenses are affected
  • The 3rd time: the 1st challenger's defenses and the 2nd challenger's aircraft are affected
  • The 4th time: the 1st challenger's aircraft and the 2nd challenger's infantry are affected

Starting from the 5th weapon interference, the system will randomly select one jamming type from the four above to continue harassing the players, and keep picking random jamming type repeatedly until the game ends. Two players may be disturbed by the same type of object.

Sub-machine launchers such as the Shrike Nest and other units that are immune to the fire suppression effect will not be affected.

Start point Tech buildings


  • The challenge's map is a modified version of a skirmish map Winter Desolation.