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The Glacial Screen is a support power used by the Pacific Front. It uses cryo technology to generate a frigic barrier covering friendly ground units in its radius, rendering them immobile but makes them more resistant to incoming fire while the screen lasts.

There is a chance non-turreted vehicles will be unable to fire, so be careful.[1]

AI behavior

The AI will use a Glacial Screen on specific task forces that are regrouping near the enemy base, and if the Glacial Screen is 70% charged, or roughly 2 minutes before it is ready. This task force is a support team that always accompanies a task force of 2 of the same unit that targets special defenses, which include the Iron Guard, Signal Inhibitor, Plasmerizer or Gap Generator.


The following task forces will proceed to aggressively retaliate against nearby enemies:

  • 2x Hailstorms
  • 2x Scud Launchers


Act One

Special Ops

  • In Digital Demon, the Glacial Screen will be given freely during the mission.