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We sustain the Epsilon.
—Ghost Miner

The Ghost Miner is the main resource gatherer unit used by all Epsilon factions.

Being cloaked for most of the time, the Ghost Miner can safely mine ore, as ore and gem fields slowly shrink before their enemies' eyes.

Official description

Miners have played an essential role in warfare since the Second Great War. They collect raw minerals which can be processed at a refinery to generate revenue for the commander to fund his war effort. Heavily armored and immune to mind control due to them being remote controlled, miners are difficult to destroy with lightly equipped conventional forces.

The Ghost Miner has a unique defense mechanism to protect itself from harassment. Ghost Miners carry a small, on-board Chimera Core to keep them permanently cloaked, much like Headquarters' Shadow Tanks. However, the bulky Ghost Miner, carrying heavy mining equipment, utilizes much more internal power to remain operational than the lightly armed Shadow Tank. This results in the Chimera Core powering down when the Miner's energy usage spikes, revealing the miner to the enemies.[1]


For a detailed list of differences from the Slave Miner in the original game, click here.

Unarmed but equipped with a Chimera Core, Ghost Miners gain the ability to cloak themselves, hindering any harassment that the enemy throws at them (as long as there are no stealth detectors around the area). Thanks to this, Ghost Miners are much more difficult to destroy and safer than most miners. Like the War Miner, their ore storage is twice as large as the Allied Chrono Miner.

However, this doesn't mean that the Ghost Miner is a perfect miner. One of the biggest issues is that Ghost Miners may reveal themselves for a brief time. This make their locations can be guessed fairly easily. Plus, detectors can render their cloak useless and cause them to become vulnerable, though only a handful of them are anti-vehicle in nature.

AI behavior

The AI will build a maximum of 2 Ghost Miners per Ore Refinery. As the AI builds a maximum of 3 Ore Refineries, up to 6 Ghost Miners are present at a time.

If the AI's Ghost Miner has taken too much damage, it will usually be ordered to return to an Ore Refinery immediately.


Act Two

  • The Ghost Miner makes its first appearance in the first Act Two Epsilon mission The Conqueror, replacing the War Miner used by PsiCorps during Act One.


  • Heavy armor.
  • Cloaked. Difficult for enemies to search and destroy.
  • Immune to mind control, confusion rays and hijacking.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Unarmed.
  • Slow, unable to retreat quickly once found.
  • Sometimes reveal itself for a brief time.
  • Weak against stealth detection capabilities.

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