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With the help of the Scorpion Cell and psychic illusions, Yuri constructs another Psychic Amplifier in northern Africa that might become a threat to the London Fortress. An Allied task force is sent to reactivate an old American base nearby and take the device down.
—Mission description

Operation: Ghost Hunt is the fourth Allied Act Two campaign mission.


We've just received reports about another Psychic Amplifier being set up by Yuri's forces, this time at a location in Morocco. While this one isn't nearly close enough to capture the London Fortress on its own, if it goes online its activation would allow Yuri's forces to create a larger encroachment around Great Britain. Right now we need all the time and all the resources we can get to finish preparations for the launch of the Paradox Project. It should go without saying that if Yuri's forces took control of that, conquering the British Isles would be a piece of cake for them.

Not too far from the Amplifier's deployment zone is an abandoned outpost set up by the Americans long ago, currently occupied by the forces of Scorpion Cell, a terrorist group now fully sided with Yuri. Our radars confirm there is still one of our Mobile Construction Vehicles in the area, most likely being prepared for reverse engineering by the Cell's leader Rashidi. Reacquiring it will allow us to once more establish a foothold in this region, from which we can prepare an assault on the Psychic Amplifier itself. A small team will make their way to the outpost via a series of underground tunnels to help you to complete this task. Unsurprisingly, there also appears to be a Psychic Beacon in the area, controlling the American task force which previously operated at this outpost. Once you manage to destroy it, they should be able to rejoin us in the attack on the Amplifier. Eliminate the Scorpion Cell's operations when you're done with it.

Objective 1: Capture the Allied MCV and deploy a Construction Yard.
Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Amplifier.
Objective 3: Destroy the Scorpion Cell bases.


Securing a foothold

Using an old underground tunnel system, two Navy SEALS and an Engineer managed to sneak into the occupied US base. Soon after, another Engineer and a Field Medic showed up to provide support.

The Navy SEALS went and cleared out any infantry opposition they encountered. As the taskforce slowly made their way towards the MCV, they had to keep a watch out for Chimera Cores that concealed enemy troops and any vehicles that approached like Gatling Tanks and brainwashed Abrams Tanks.

After clearing the way to the MCV, the SEALS detonated the laser fence guarding the MCV, and the Engineer successfully piloted the MCV and moved it out of the holding area.

After finding a good spot, the MCV unpacked into a Construction Yard. Allied Intel discovered the Amplifier's location, along with a Psychic Beacon that had mind controlled the local American forces.

Hunting down the Scorpion

After the Construction Yard was set up, more infantry reinforcements arrived out of the tunnel. Allied Command pointed out the scarce amount of ore and gems in the area; fortunately, Oil Derricks were abundant in the area, so funding the operation would be of little concern.

The Research Dome protected by Scorpion Cell forces

The Scorpion Cell had captured an American research facility that was looking into long ranged weapon controllers. The Research Dome was soon captured by the Americans. Allied Command mentioned that the place used to be an old American research building which focused on advanced communications. After some time had passed, the Allies had found data on a prototype mobile Mercury controller, codenamed the Athena Cannon. By using this vehicle, they could now regain control over the Mercury Satellite network and use its destructive power against Scorpion Cell, particularly against the Psychic Beacon that held control over some of the American military in the vicinity. Shortly after taking down the Beacon, its captive victims were expected to be free from mind control, but it turns out this wasn't the case.

"They fell for it!"

Much to the Allies' surprise, the American forces in Morocco were, in fact, Scorpion Cell fighters who commandeered Allied vehicles and equipment in order to lull them into a false sense of security.

After the Americans fell for the trap, Scorpion Cell forces attacked the Allied base in mass numbers, forcing the Allies back for the time being.

Destroying the Amplifier

After dealing with the remaining disguised Scorpion Cell forces, the Commander decided to make a move against the Amplifier itself before it could come online. Fighting their way through the defenses and enemy troops, the Allies devastated the damaged Psychic Amplifier before it could activate. While another Amplifier would no doubt be built, the destruction of the Morocco Amplifier would give the Allies more time to complete the Paradox Project. The Scorpion Cell base was buried in rubble to reduce their strength and influence on the region.

As they finished up the last of Scorpion Cell forces in the area, the Commander's battle control was suddenly terminated.


Commander, the Amplifier, the Beacons, they were all a bait. Yuri provoked us to send you on a mission away from the London Fortress so he could strike us from within. We will meet at the Isles of Scilly, a Chrono Legion is waiting for you there.
—Battlefield report

While Scorpion Cell in Boured had been destroyed and the American base was re-established, things were not turning out well for the Allies. At the same time as the Americans destroyed the Psychic Amplifier and started securing Morocco, they received word that Epsilon's forces broke through the defenses and destroyed the London fortress.

As a result of this sudden surprise, the Paradox Engine was activated prematurely, wiping out Epsilon HQ's forces and escaped from the United Kingdom. They only made it to the Isles of Sicily before Yuri sent forces to destroy the Engine. Allied forces, including the debuting 'Chrono Legion', rushed there to escort the vessel to safety.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 75000
  • Number of enemy Tank Bunkers with tanks inside and garrisons is minimal.
  • Removed large amount of enemy objects and patrols.
  • Added more crates and vision reveal on the map.
  • All tech defenses on the map are stayed neutral.


  • Starting credits: 60000
  • Number of enemy Tank Bunkers with tanks inside and garrisons is medium.
  • When passing the fence on the right, the player will be warned that a Gatling Tank is present nearby, and will reveal the zone next to it.
  • All tech defenses on the map will be owned by Scorpion Cell at the beginning.
  • The Scorpion Cell will periodically spawn some troops to attack the player's base, with amount less than Mental.
  • After a while, two Gatling Tanks will pass along the road in front of the opening gate.
  • After a certain amount of time, an Initiate and a Spook will appear from the rear, twice in total.
  • As the player's team advances towards the MCV, there will be some chasing squads appearing behind them.
  • Entering certain areas will trigger assault forces consisting of Drillers with Brutes.
  • The number of Shadow Tanks that appear at the end of the mission will be greatly increased.


  • Starting credits: 50000
  • A Field Medic from the player's initial squad has been removed.
  • The upper right outpost will have 3 extra Gatling Cannons.
  • After a certain amount of time, an Initiate and a Spook will appear from the rear, four times in total.
  • As the player's team advances towards the MCV, there will be a number of pursuit squads behind; on this difficulty, there will be an additional, larger squad.
  • 2 Gatling Tanks along the road in front of the opening gate will arrive earlier than on Normal.
  • There are 2 patrolling Invaders in the outpost, and there is also a patrol team consisting of a Brute and a Spook.
  • If the player does not destroy the kennel near MCV, a Spook will emerge from it when the player approaches MCV.
  • All tech defenses on the map will be owned by Scorpion Cell at the beginning.
  • The Scorpion Cell will periodically spawn more troops that attack the player's base than on Normal difficulty.
  • Entering certain areas more than on Normal will trigger assault forces consisting of Drillers with Brutes.
  • 2 additional Cloning Vats will be present on the map.
  • Extra Chimera Cores will be present at the upper right outpost, the Research Dome zone, the bottom right Tech Base Expansion Post zone and somewhere in the lower middle of the map.
  • The number of Shadow Tanks that appear at the end of the mission will be greatly increased.

Easter egg

  • A ghost can be seen patrolling the player base (From the northern woodland to below the fake Psychic Beacon). Each patrol is marked on the map with a silent blue square. The ghost is only targetable with light-related weapons (Prism and laser weapons). Once killed, a crate will spawn at the cemetery to the east of the players base. Picking the crate up will fully reveal the map.
    • A video demonstration of this and the following easter egg can be found [here].
  • After gaining Battlefield Control, an Engineer will make their way to the Radar Dome to give the player access to the minimap. If the player kills the Engineer with their Navy Seals, an armor crate will spawn next to him. Allied Command will also give the following message:
Friendly fire, Commander? Really?