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The Genomines are landmines used by the Epsilon Headquarters. When triggered, they release a mutagenic gas that will turn enemy infantry exposed to it into Brutes.

Official description

It is said the snows of the Antarctic are full of these. The Genomines are dangerous contraptions hidden deep underground with their presence additionally hidden, with the use of Yuri's psychic illusion tricks. Whenever an infantry battalion approaches one of those, the Genomine explodes violently releasing large amounts of deadly strain of Yuri's Terranova compound, which causes rapid mutation of humans and turns them into Brutes, loyal to the Genomine's owner.[1]


Genomines give the Epsilon Headquarters an additional defense option against hordes of infantry. More importantly, it is independent from power supply, so an Epsilon HQ base is far from defenseless from infantry waves during a power outage (e.g. power sabotaged by an enemy spy) in comparison to other Epsilon subfactions.

As Genomines require a period of time before arming themselves, they must be placed ahead of time, preferably in chokepoints where ground troops have no choice but to pass through the mine-infested area. As such, they are not for sudden emergencies (e.g. Navy SEAL unloaded via Stallion Transport) like other defenses and thus require some prediction to where enemies will likely attack by the proselyte.

Genomines only affect enemy infantry and have no effect on enemy vehicles. Genomines will also not activate against disguised spies, meaning a proselyte must deal with them through other means.


Act Two

  • The Genomines are introduced in Unthinkable as a buildable structure.

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