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General Ben Carville is an American general who commanded the United States in the Second Great War, the Third Great War, and the Mental Omega War, before becoming one of the founders of Foehn Revolt in the aftermath of the latter.


General Carville was meant to be retired during the period before Third Great War breaks out[1]. When the Soviets invade Washington D.C., he had to rejoin the U.S. Army and act as the leadership at the Pentagon.

After the defeat of the United States, he is not captured by the Soviets but continue commanding remaining forces to resist. Two years later, he commanded several remaining divisions to retake Washington D.C.[2], which was already called as Stalington by the Soviets, but failed due to the intervention of Yuri's newly-founded Epsilon Army.

He managed to escape after the battle, and it is later revealed that he is hiding along with what is left of the American Forces in Point Hope Fortress. He and the remnants were able to stave off repeated Soviet offensives, but were eventually conquered and subjugated by the Epsilon and their psychic trickery. After the Foehn Revolt successfully liberated their Alaskan base from their clutches, he offers his full support to his liberators and becomes a major leading member of the organization.


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  1. Red Dawn Rising mission text: "Even the recently retired Gen. Carville has joined the leadership at the Pentagon."
  2. The Raven briefing: "There have been wild rumours of a major rebel uprising brewing in Stalington, apparently instigated by the U.S. Gen. Carville, who remains uncaptured."