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Geneburst is a support power for Epsilon Headquarters available from their Pandora Hub once it is upgraded with the Geneplug add-on. It launches a mutation particle outburst that severely damages enemy infantry caught in its wake, with any infantry that gets killed by the Geneburst will be immediately mutated into Brutes loyal to the HQ's proselyte, often enough to wreak havoc in enemy formations who did not expect such a nasty surprise.

One-hit targets

Geneburst will kill the following infantry at full health in one hit. Units marked by an asterisk (*) will survive once they are veteran.

AI behavior

The AI will use Geneburst to target the largest enemy infantry blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


Act Two

  • The Geneburst is first usable in the campaign in Unthinkable.


  • Chronologically, Geneburst first appears in Backbitten, where it can be activated by the 2nd player, without the need of Geneplug, as the players don't have access to bases.


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