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The Gap Generator is a support defense structure used by the Allies to hide the surrounding area from the enemies' view.

Official description

The Gap Generator is a remarkable piece of Allied technology, which constantly regenerates a large amount of shroud around the structure, effectively hiding anything nearby from the prying eyes of enemies. The shroud created by the Gap Generator additionally prevents enemies from using most of their support weapons in the affected area until it is revealed.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

The Gap Generator is one of the Allied advanced defense structures, at the same level as Signal Inhibitor. Its role is the same as that from the original game, interfering with the enemy commander's radar and creating shroud around it. One thing to note is that when the Allied base is powered off, the Gap Generator also loses the ability to generate shroud.

Shroud not only prevents the enemy from finding out what the Allied player is up to, but also prevents the targeting most support powers (excluding superweapons and recon powers) and ordered attacks (including force-fire). This effectively slows down any base destruction attempts if the enemy relies on siege units but their frontline forces are meager.

On the other hand, Gap Generator's shroud can be temporarily uncovered by different detection support powers, but then the field of view will be reshrouded. As long as the enemy Gap Generator keeps working, even if the player captures the Tech Satellite Hack Center, there will still be shroud nearby.

AI behavior

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Gap Generators. Easy AI will build a maximum of 1 Gap Generator, Medium AI will build a maximum of 2, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 3.

Due to the AI's omniscient trait of seeing the entire battlefield (in other words, they are unaffected by shroud), it is not advised to build a Gap Generator whenever fighting against them (including the campaign).


Act One

  • The Gap Generator becomes as a buildable structure in Panic Cycle.


  • In the Soviet Co-Op Lights Out, both commanders are required to destroy three advanced Gap Generators which can shroud the whole map. If these Generators haven't been destroyed in 30 minutes, battle control will go offline, and players will lose.

Behind the scenes

The artwork of this building (with spinning animation) by MadHQ is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.


  • The Gap Generator's ability to deploy to increase shroud is actually present in the original game. However it consumes tremendous amount of power (9000 units, or 45 Power Plants), making it highly impractical to use.

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