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The Ganzir Defender is a gigantic vehicle used by Epsilon Headquarters to defend its core base at the South Pole which contains the Mental Omega Device. It is armed with enhanced dissolver beams that have a very fast rate of fire, around the same as those used by the Aerial Fortresses Irkalla, and can target both ground and air units. Unlike other dissolver beams, the Ganzir's deal splash damage with a quite large radius, though with a high damage drop-off. In addition, they are able to withstand heavy punishment and immune to most battlefield hazards.

With their significant damage output, heavy armor and immunity to most battlefield hazards, their presence works as a soft wall to indicate the player that they are not supposed to attack to their location yet.


The Ganzirs are our ultimate defense units. Use them to stop the enemy dead.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Babel

Act Two

  • Ganzir Defenders first appear in Withershins. All of them will be protected by barriers projected by the Mental Dynamos, and alongside the walls projected around the main Epsilon Headquarters base, they dissuade the player from attempting to assault the inner bases early on. When some of the Dynamos are destroyed, the Ganzir Defenders in the outer areas will lose their shields and will be quickly finished off by the friendly AI's Lionheart Bombers. There are four more Ganzir Defenders around the Mental Omega Device that will remain invulnerable during the whole mission.
  • The aforementioned four Ganzir Defenders also appear in Babel, where the player can control them during Stage II after Libra enters the Mental Omega Device. They will be eventually all destroyed by the Allies after their Time Freeze.


  • Ganzir is the palace that acts as the abode of Ereshkigal, the ruler of the underworld in the ancient Mesopotamian mythology. The word itself is sometimes synonymous to the ancient Mesopotamian underworld.