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Future Tank operational.
—Future Tank Alpha

The Future Tank Alpha is an Allied stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating a Foehn Cloud Piercer and Construction Yard. A successor to the ill-fated Future Tank X-0, it boasts considerably improved firepower and durability than its predecessor.

Official description

After losing a significant amount of the Future Tank X-0 prototypes during the Okawa Falls incident, Kanegawa Industries continued their work on a fully automated battle tank at several different locations around Japan, which had not yet been stormed by the Chinese forces at that time.

However, even the remaining facilities were eventually forced to shut down, as the Soviets won the war, the blueprints stolen from the American research sites by the Pacific Front's agents were lost, and China took control of the remaining Seismic Stabilizers in the country. The executives of KI decided to cease their plans for mass production of the then proposed X-1 prototype, and destroy all data related to the vehicles, when they realized that they were soon going to be overwhelmed by the invaders.

Luckily, some of the newer units from the Future Tank Project have been preserved by those, who decided to escape the Chinese clutches, and later enhanced with the advanced tech they managed to develop in isolation. The Alpha version of the Future Tank can switch between two weapon sets: highly damaging lasers combined with HE grenade launchers, and a powerful particle collider cannon.[1]


The Future Tank Alpha is accessible to the Allies once their spies are able to infiltrate and steal the necessary technologies from a Foehn Cloud Piercer and Construction Yard. This hulking automaton provides the Allied Forces with the ultimate heavy tank to go toe-to-toe against their adversaries on more or less equal footing, as their own Tier 3 Monster Tanks are usually not suited for direct engagements with the other factions' counterparts. It is essentially an improved variant of the X-0 as it comes with better armor and weapons.

Equipped with a pair of Experimental Beam Cannons and High-Explosive Grenades, small divisions of these robotic tanks can lay waste to columns of enemy armor and squads of infantry with alarming ease. If that wasn't enough, it can also be ordered to fire a Particle Collider (similar to the ones used by Harbingers) to deal heavy damage to all ground-based targets. In addition, it comes with the ability to detect cloaked quarries and being a robotic unit, it is immune to almost all known battlefield hazards.

While boasting an impressive arsenal and levels of protection to battle all other monster tanks on equal terms, the Future Tank Alpha is still poorly suited for base attacks as its Laser Beam Cannons are not effective against structures and base defenses unless they assault enemy positions in large groups. Coming with a hefty price tag of $2000 and being only available after the infiltration of a Foehn Cloud Piercer and Construction Yard, they are seldom accessible to Allied commanders.

Weapon cycle

The Future Tank Alpha follows a constant cycle when firing its weapons in the laser beams/HE grenades mode. It always starts from the beams after ceasing fire.

  • Stage 1: Lasts until 270 frames (18 in-game seconds).
  • Stage 2: Lasts until 480 frames (32 in-game seconds).


In all appearances so far, Future Tanks Alpha are not equipped with particle collider cannons as the tech is still under research.

Special Ops

  • In the Epsilon Special Ops mission Split Seconds, enemy Future Tanks Alpha appear in the ranks of the Pacific Front.


  • Inactive Future Tanks Alpha prototypes in Tainted Empire.

    In Tainted Empire, four Future Tanks Alpha can be found west of the Adapted Tech Center, near the Tech Nuclear Plant and Wind Plant. They are initially inactive and will fall under control of the player once all four Radar Domes around the map are captured, as they stored access codes to these prototypes. One of these Radar Domes is located near the center of the map; the others are found on the top, right and bottom edges.
  • Two subroutine-AI-controlled Future Tanks Alpha appear in the main base in The Great Beyond.
  • Three Future Tanks Alpha are provided to the primary armored taskforce in Vanishing Point.
  • A pair of Future Tanks Alpha are available to the player in The Remnant, but are otherwise not buildable.



  • Laser Beams are very effective against armored vehicles.
  • HE Grenades are effective against infantry and structures.
  • Deploy to switch to the particle collider mode to deal heavy damage to all ground targets.
  • Extremely durable, able to weather substantial damage.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move.
  • Can detect stealth and cloaked units.
  • Immune to omnicrush, radiation, mind control, hijacking and poison.
  • Decent range.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Laser Beams are not very effective against infantry and structures unless in groups.
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating a Foehn Cloud Piercer and a Foehn Construction Yard.
  • Still vulnerable against heavy anti-armor threats.
  • Cannot engage air units.
  • Slow speed.
  • Can deal accidental friendly fire with its Laser Beam Cannons and Particle Colliders.
  • The user cannot control what weapons it uses during battles in the Laser Beams/HE Grenades mode.
  • Particle Collider Cannons have a slow attack speed.

Behind the scenes

  • This unit was named Future Tank X-2 when it was first revealed.[2]


  • Albeit AI-controlled, Future Tank Alpha can be abducted by Chrono Prisons.
  • The Future Tank Alpha's design is based off one of the early concept designs of Future Tank X-1 in Red Alert 3 Uprising.

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