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While Tanya and Norio are fighting in the Amazonia, the Allies deploy another task force in Africa, in order to gather more resources for their quest. An insurgency against Yuri's Epsilon is happening in Angola, where many Oil Refineries are in the hands of PsiCorps and the Scorpion Cell.
—Mission description

Operation: Fullmetal is an Allied Special Operations campaign mission.


Commander, the Paradox Engine task force keeps moving forward, but that isn't to say without issues. While Yuri has armed missile silos and an Amplifier in the Amazonas Rainforest that are a direct threat to the Engine, we are also extremely low on resources to sustain our pilgrimage to the Epsilon relay hub in South Africa. If this operation is to continue, not only are we going to need the psychic and nuclear threats removed, but we must accumulate a vast amount of resources, and quickly. Special Agent Tanya and Norio Tomokawa have been sent to the Amazonas Rainforest with one of our best commanders overseeing the operation, and you shall lend a hand by acquiring the supplies we need. Fortunately, we seem to have found the perfect place to do so.

The African country of Angola is rich with oil reserves and still functioning oil refineries. Taking control of those refineries should allow us to extract enough oil to bolster our economic situation. Though Africa is under Yuri's tight control for the most part, it would appear that for some reason there is in-fighting between the Scorpion Cell and the rest of Yuri's army. This should allow you to slip in and establish control of the facilities relatively unhindered, although destroying their bases will also go a long way in this region too. We can't afford to come up short here, Commander, so choose the best course of action and finish your job as fast as possible.

Objective 1: Collect $250000 or destroy both of the enemy bases.
Note: Capture Oil Refineries to acquire significant credit boosts.



The Allies are destroying the barrels in the Epsilon base to enter the battlefield

When the Allies arrived in this resource-rich area of Epsilon-controlled Angola, they unexpectedly discovered that PsiCorps was fighting against Scorpion Cell, which appeared to have betrayed them. They speculated that the scale of the conflict between the two would be relatively large and decided to sneak into it. After satirizing the Epsilon base filled with barrels, some Stormchildren came to detonate the barrels and destroyed the base. Then an MCV, some Abrams Tanks and Prism Tanks were chronoshifted to the base and the MCV immediately deployed.

Hands never idle

The commander was asked to either collect $250,000 or to destroy all PsiCorps and Scorpion Cell enemies after his base was established, and an Oil Refinery was subsequently positioned.

He found that his position faced a complicated situation: the west side would be attacked by the Scorpion Cell, while the north side would be attacked by PsiCorps, and the two sides occasionally created conflicts near his base. He decided to look for opportunities to capture Oil Refineries scattered around the region and expanded his sources of funding.

The fuel crisis

Capturing nearby tech buildings and a Tech Base Expansion Post while capturing the nearest Oil Refinery, the commander immediately received $30,000. But he also found that PsiCorps deployed a strange building in the base and used it to release energy to attack the Scorpion Cell base.

The commander chose the right time to assemble some Athena Cannons and Prism Tanks and attacked the PsiCorps base in the north. Soon, the PsiCorps base was destroyed and the commander captured another Oil Refinery. At that time, his fund raised to about $100,000.

When the commander continued to capture Oil Refineries, Humvees carrying Spies were also sent here. With the destruction of the PsiCorps base, he eased a lot of pressure and the speed of capturing Oil Refineries had become easier and faster.

More and more Oil Refineries were captured, and when the money collected peaked at $250,000, the Allies immediately withdrew.


That was a job well done, Commander. Amidst all this chaos, we were lucky to be able to acquire all of these resources to fuel our war efforts. This unstable situation in Africa might give us an opening that we so desperately need right now.
—Battlefield report

After the end of the battle, the Allies won not only sufficient funds, but also important information that Scorpion Cell betrayed their former Epsilon followers. This was undoubtedly a good sign of luck for the exiled Allies. Not long after the victory in Angola, the expedition forces began to move eastwards, and found another conflict between the two in Zaire.

On the other hand, another Allied expedition force was facing some problems: The Epsilon Army was trying to launch a Nuclear Rocket via a Rocket Launchpad in Sao Luis, Brazil, after the commander destroyed the Psychic Amplifier and two Tactical Nuke Silos in Amazonas Rainforest. At this time, Tanya and Siegfried rushed there to prevent the rocket from destroying their Paradox Engine...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 50000
  • Spies are frequently chronoshifted in Humvees.


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • PsiCorps will send a Ghost Miner every once in a while.
  • A small shack near the player's base will explode after a while and a Bloatick Tunnel will appear.


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • PsiCorps will send two Ghost Miners every once in a while.
  • A small shack near the player's base will explode after a period of time and a Bloatick Tunnel will appear.
  • A garbage dump on the mountain behind the player's base will explode after a period of time, and a Bloatick Tunnel will appear.
  • Two Tech Concrete Bunkers near the player's base are initially damaged.
  • PsiCorps will continuously send out some Shadow Tanks to attack the player.

Easter egg

  • There are three neutral Radar Domes scattered across the map. Capturing all 3 of them will give full map reveal. Locations are:
    • Bottom left (Near the Scorpion Cell controlled Tech Missile Bunker)
    • Middle (Just north of the players starting position)
    • Top right (Near a Psicorps controlled Nuclear Reactor)

Behind the scenes

  • The mission's name during development was Alchemist, a reference to the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and anime series. The mission's current name, Fullmetal, also references this series.