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The Force Shield is a support power used by the European Alliance from their Shield Command. It protects the affected friendly structures from any damage for a period of time, useful for saving important structures from being heavily damaged or destroyed by enemy attacks.

If a building is placed within a Force Shield after it is activated, the building will not become invulnerable.

What makes it different from its earlier iterations other than belonging to the European Alliance and graphical effects is that it no longer shuts down the base's power supply as a penalty while being in effect, which gives European commanders more freedom to use the said support power.

AI behavior

The AI will use Force Shield immediately after a superweapon activation (or a missile launched by the Tech Missile Bunker) against their base, with the exception of the Psychic Dominator. The AI is able to predict where a superweapon will hit accurately.


Act One

  • The Force Shield is first usable in the campaign in Panic Cycle.


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