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Nobody Home

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The experimental artificial intelligence finally goes online and finds itself in a situation where it must save its creator's life. The first step of the great Revolt is to escort its young architect to safety of the Jhelum River in Pakistan, away from PsiCorps' and Chinese clutches.

Kill the Messenger

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The leader has rendezvoused with the taskforce on standby in now Chinese-controlled Kazakhstan, which keeps track on the Ironwing, an experimental invulnerable hypersonic aircraft. This jet is the only way to quickly and safely get the leader to the location of the main Revolt army.

Tainted Empire

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After a series of attacks on the Chinese positions, all of the Kanegawa Industries' facilities under their control have been placed on lockdown, terminating the Revolt's access to their research. To continue work on new weapons based on particle collision tech, the leader decides to retrieve it.

The Great Beyond

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The Revolt's journey continues, albeit the search of a possible save haven proves to be harder than expected. With the newly discovered intel, a plan is made to regroup and and increase the distance between the Revolt and Yuri's Antarctic stronghold, now believed to be his main base of operations.

Vanishing Point

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Yuri had seen through the Revolt's plans, further reducing its chances to escape what's seemingly inevitable. Stalling for time, in a last-ditch attempt the unlikely allies try to take control of his Alaskan base, counting on certain someone to make the right call before all is lost to Yuri.

The Remnant

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The deed is done. What previously seemed unbelievable has now become a dreadful reality. With the combined efforts of the remnants of the free world, an endeavor to forge a path that might lead to a better, but distant future is made. The end of this story could be a beginning of another.