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The Barracks is Foehn's infantry production structure.

Official description

The unusually extensive Foehn Barracks are a gate to their underground facilities, where most of the Revolt's infantry training and weapon assembling is taking place. These uniquely designed Barracks allow a commander to train basic and advanced Foehn infantry. Its presence also allows for the construction of basic defenses. The more Barracks are on the field, the faster infantries are trained.[1]


Like all Barracks, the Foehn Barracks is one of three buildings that are available by default once the Foehn Construction Yard is deployed. Therefore, unlike in the vanilla Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, it is encouraged to build this structure first, so that the commander can churn out Knightframes for offense and garrisoning of civilian structures, Engineers for capturing of vital tech structures, and Lancers for reconnaissance and ore miner harassment as soon as possible, and build appropriate defenses (like the Sonic Emitter) when needed.

The Foehn Barracks trains the following infantry:

Unit Description
Basic Infantry. Strong vs. Infantry, Aircraft.


  • Kingsframe is strong vs. structures
  • Kingsframe is immune to EMP and omnicrush
  • Kingsframe cannot attack aircraft or garrison structures
Basic Infantry. Strong vs. Armor, Structures.


  • Railguneer is more effective vs. armor
  • Railguneer is immune to EMP and omnicrush
  • Railguneer is less effective vs. structures
  • Railguneer cannot garrison structures
Utility Infantry. Unarmed.
  • Abilities:
    • Capture enemy buildings, tech structures, and empty vehicles
    • Repair bridges and friendly structures
    • Detects and defuses explosive charges
Advanced Infantry. Strong vs. Infantry.
  • Requires Nanofiber Loom
  • Abilities:
    • Hijack enemy vehicles
    • Creates nanoclouds on killed enemy infantry
    • Nanoclouds heal friendly Foehn infantry
    • Transforms into Deviatress through Nanofiber Sync


  • Deviatress causes confusion
  • Deviatress can attack enemy aircraft
  • Deviatress cannot directly kill infantry or create nanoclouds
  • Deviatress cannot hijack enemy vehicles
Espionage Infantry.
  • Requires Foehn technology expansion
  • Abilities:
    • Stuns and slowly kills infantry
    • Infiltrates enemy structures
    • Detects cloaked and disguised units
    • Demolish bridges
    • Amphibious
    • Receives speed boost when nearby a Spinblade
    • Transforms into Duplicant through Nanofiber Sync


  • Duplicant is strong vs. infantry
  • Duplicates itself on killing enemy infantry
  • Duplicant cannot detect cloaked units
  • Duplicant cannot infiltrate structures or demolish bridges
  • Duplicant cannot travel over water or receives speed boost from Spinblades
HHicon.png Elite Infantry. Strong vs. Structures.


  • Syncronaut is cloaked
  • Syncronaut can weaken the armor of multiple structures at once
  • Syncronaut has shorter range
WoCicon.png Elite Infantry. Strong vs. Infantry.


  • Zorbfloater has rapid health regeneration
  • Zorbfloater can lift most enemy vehicles
  • Zorbfloater cannot deploy
LBicon.png Elite Infantry. Strong vs. Armor, Aircraft.


  • Godsbane is strong vs. armor, structures
  • Godsbane cannot stun infantry
  • Godsbane cannot attack aircraft
HHicon.png Hero. Strong vs. Infantry.

Only one Fin may be trained at a time.

HHicon.png Hero. Strong vs. Armor.

Only one Alize may be trained at a time.

WoCicon.png Hero. Strong vs. Armor.

Only one Eureka may be trained at a time.

LBicon.png Hero. Strong vs. Armor, Aircraft, Buildings.

Only one Uragan may be present at a time.

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