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The Flame Tower is a defensive structure for the Latin Confederation, which can be deployed via a support power accessible from the Battle Lab anywhere on the battlefield to ambush enemies, especially infantry and light vehicles. The Flame Tower's weapon is roughly similar to the Pyro's flamethrower, only deals more damage and has longer range.

Note that the Flame Tower will not prevent the owner from being defeated should all of his/her other structures are destroyed when Short Game is enabled.

AI behavior

The AI will deploy the Flame Tower near the largest enemy infantry blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


Special Ops

  • Old Flame Towers from the Second Great War appear in Archetype, found in some of the annexed Soviet bases. They are a threat to the player since airstrikes are not available, but many have barrels near them for the sake of destroying them.

Act One

  • Several Flamer Towers appear in Killing Fields, located next to the airstrip.

Act Two


  • In the Moltencore Challenge, there are plenty of Flame Towers on the battlefield as Latin Confederation defenses, while the support power itself is replaced by the Pyro ambush.

Behind the scenes

  • Initially the Flame Tower was supposed to be called Fiery Squad and would also have three Pyros appearing as well, but in the end it was changed to the current iteration, most likely for balancing reasons.
  • The artwork of the Flame Tower is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.


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