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The Flak Cannon is the Soviets' main anti-air defense structure.

Official description

The Flak Cannon is the premier Soviet anti-aircraft defense. The cannon lobs numerous large flak shells at incredible speeds towards incoming aerial targets. Once the shell hits a target, it explodes into smaller pellets, shredding other nearby aircraft.[1]


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The Flak Cannon in Mental Omega can be considered weaker than its original iteration, as its splash damage is less noticeable (as do Mental Omega flak weapons in general). This is compensated by its cheaper cost however. Nonetheless, it is a necessary defense against attacks from the sky thanks to its superior range and durability compared to other flak wielders.

As it relies on power, the Flak Cannon should be mixed with Flak Troopers and other mobile anti-air units to prevent a Soviet base from being completely defenseless once it has been rendered offline. Another weakness to note is its pure anti-air role; it is unable to retaliate against ground troops, so synergizing it with other stationary defenses is a must.


Act One

  • The Flak Cannon first appears as a buildable structure in Bleed Red alongside other Soviet buildings, at the beginning of the Third Great War.

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