Flags and Banners appears on many campaign and skirmish maps purely as background props. A blank version of the flag serves as special key structure in gamemode Assault and Capture.


In the campaign, the national flags are often associated with the subfactions. They are often found in the control areas of the relevant subfactions (such as the Cuban flag in the Latin Confederation base in Good Old Times).

Below is a list of all known flags as of Mental Omega version 3.3.4:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Argentinian flag
  • British flag
  • Chinese flag
  • Confederation flag
  • Cuban flag
  • French flag
  • German flag
  • Greek flag
  • Iraqi flag
  • Italian flag
  • Japanese flag
  • Libyan flag
  • North Korean flag
  • Polish flag
  • Russian flag
  • South Korean flag
  • Spanish flag
  • United States flag

Smaller flags and banners also appears throughout the campaign:

  • Allied flag
  • Epsilon banner
  • Japanese banner (dolphin)
  • Japanese banner (sun)
  • Lunar United States flag

Blank Flag

The Blank Flag is a special structure that only appears in Assault and Capture modes. In Capture gamemode, the Blank Flag is immune to all damage but may be captured by an Engineer; while in Assault gamemode, it has a large health pool but cannot be captured. Destroying or Capturing a flag will cause its owner to be DEFEATED immediately, so protecting your own Blank Flag is a must. Even the A.I.s will wall their flags up.

The Blank Flag is immune to Chrono Legionnaire's weapon, cannot be buffed by Nanocoat Regulators, and may not be Chronolifted to other places.



  • The Chinese flag uses the apperance in reality, different from the Mental Omega's exclusively-designed, fictional flag (see here).
  • The two Japanese banners are based on the Empire of the Rising Sun banners from Red Alert 3; the tiger shark marking is apparently mistaken for a dolphin.
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