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Yuri aims to restart the Psychic Amplifier project, with one of them newly built in the desolated area of Chicago. With nowhere to run, the Soviets race with the American resistance to capture the device before it is activated and the conquered grounds are completely lost.
—Mission description

Operation: Firewalking is the fourth Soviet Act Two campaign mission.


Marvelous work in Rio, Comrade! We have taken Morales someplace safe and out of Yuri's reach for now. In debriefing, he mentioned seeing a female soldier of Yuri's being held at that facility and experimented on for weeks, and that various personnel around kept saying they "missed her deadline" and that Yuri would not be pleased with them. However, the tank she was locked in has been destroyed with a nuclear warhead, so we cannot look into this further. Meanwhile, the Confederation has evacuated as many forces as they could from South America, as it is clear that holding the positions there is a lost cause.

If you recall, during the Third Great War, three Psychic Beacons were deployed in North America to control the American populace, with a Psychic Amplifier deployed in Chicago to enhance their power. The Beacon there and the Amplifier were destroyed by the American forces, and so a MIDAS was fired at Chicago, utterly annihilating the Allied troops gathered there and making the city entirely uninhabitable, or so we were told. It appears that Yuri falsified reports about the area being a hazard zone in order to hide his own agenda from us: a reconstruction of the Psychic Amplifier! This device threatens what little control we still hold over the United States, so you will need to move in to capture it in order to keep our control secured. Unfortunately, it seems the Allied resistance also caught wind of Yuri's deception and his plans, and have begun moving in to take the device as well. While the rebels are a threat, your main priority is capturing that Amplifier to ensure we don't lose another key territory to Yuri.

Objective 1: Clear the area around the old Latin Confederation base.
Objective 2: Capture the Psychic Amplifier.


Landing in the heated fight

Soviet Forces had arrived in the city, landing to the same place which the Latin Confederation base used to be there. There they saw both of the Americans and the Epsilon forces clashing in. However, rather than wasting the lives of his men in facing them both, he decided to let his men watch the fight until either side won with only few survivors.

When that happened, he ordered his men to clean up the remainder of either side and quickly establish a base.

Defending from both oppositions

After the General built his base there, he soon received a warm welcome from the Americans whom are very angry to see him. His forces manage to beat them off which afterwards the Epsilon forces arrived to do the same thing, which his forces thwart them back as well.

There are occurrences that both sides appeared heading to his base, his forces simply defended against the combine attack which instead turn into a Mêlée à Trois. However the Soviet General knew he couldn't let this go on, as this will delay his chances of capturing the Amplifier.

Capturing the Amplifier

After thwarting both enemies, he continue to gather enough forces for a swift attack into the Epsilon Base. He also keep left some of his men to defense the base from unsuspecting American attacks which he decided to ignore them.

A combination of Ground and Aerial attacks swiftly thinned down the Epsilon forces there, leaving nothing but only the Amplifier intact which soon an escorted Engineer seized it and afterwards the Amplifier is re-tuned for the Soviet's cause.


With the Chicago Psychic Amplifier in our hands, we can delay Yuri's conquest of the United States territory, regroup and assess the damage done and plan for a counterattack. With the homeland lost however, we might require help of unexpected allies.
—Battlefield report

With the capture of the Amplifier, the Soviets secured a base of operations and delayed Yuri's plans to conquer the country. However, they still need to reclaim Mother Russia from Yuri's hands whom making a use of the brainwashed Russian forces to attack across the continent.

This made them decide to conduct a meeting with a former ally whom also suffered from a similar problem...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 70000
  • Psychic Amplifier countdown: 1:30:00
  • 5 additional Mortar Quads will be sent after Battle Lab is built.


  • Starting credits: 65000
  • Psychic Amplifier countdown: 1:20:00
  • 5 additional Mortar Quads will be sent after Battle Lab is built.
  • After a while, Americans will build Stormchildren to attack player's Construction Yard.
  • Every once in a while, Epsilon will paradrop infantry near the player's base.


  • Starting credits: 60000
  • Psychic Amplifier countdown: 1:10:00
  • No infantry reinforcements after entering the highland.
  • After a while, Americans will build Stormchildren to attack player's Construction Yard.
  • Every once in a while, Epsilon will paradrop infantry near the player's base.

Easter egg

  • There is a Camera Dolly vehicle located on the middle right of the map, next to a destroyed section of a bridge. If the player captures the Dolly with an Engineer and then sends it to a platform located near the player's initial starting position, they will be awarded with 3 crates (2 Veterancy and 1 Money).
    • A video explanation can be found [here].