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A sizeable Wings of Coronia task force has taken control of an abandoned metropolis and walled their outposts off with an extensive Blast Trench, powered by a modified Blast Furnace construction. Now, they're waiting for their enemies to arrive.
—Map description

Firestorm Challenge is the eleventh Challenge map that pits the player(s) against three Coronian armies with a Blasticade stronghold.


The challengers are located at top-left zone while enemy Coronian AI are located at bottom-right zone. They have 10 Tech Nuclear Plants providing power and Phantasm MLRS vehicles deployed within the Coronian bases. They can catch the challengers' aircraft off guard if they aren't noticed.

The most prominent feature is the Blast Trench that covers majority of the Coronian bases. They have an increased countdown of 10 minutes but lasts for 2 minutes like in regular gameplay. While the Blasticade is activated, a Great Tempest will continuously swirl in the center of the map until the Blasticade's duration ends. This hazard essentially blocks the only entrance to the Coronian bases when the Blasticade is online.

Coronian enemies will also use three Harbingers to attack the players' base simultaneously. However, the Harbingers' countdown will only begin after the Blasticade has activated for the first time.

Various areas (including every base entrance) is protected by tornados that does not require the Alanqa Skystation to generate.

Support power changes/additions:

  • The Blasticade does not require a Blast Furnace to work and are immune to any damages.
  • The Knightfall support power can be deployed regardless of the general range; they will often target undefended portions of the challengers' bases. The Knightfall drop pods will compose of the following:

Unit changes/additions:

Starting point Tech buildings


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