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This is the finale.
—Fin resolves to end the fight

Fin is one of the two heroes of Haihead alongside Alize.

Official description

Within the ruins of the lost world, an unexpected event has occurred: one of the many expeditions to the other side has come across a pair of survivors: young siblings, whose minds have not yet been corrupted. A brother and sister have been found in a state of almost complete exhaustion, and it was later said that mere hours of delay would have caused their demise.

After their recovery, the two would begin to value the precious time they've been given, figuratively and literally. Taken to the Last Bastion, they've begun their training under the place's unique conditions, and during the few short years they've acquired much more experience than an average soldier could in the same period of time in the past. It is said, that among all the residents of the Last Bastion, these two understood how important the time given to them is the most, and made the best use of it.

Alize and Fin have given themselves a mission of their own: together they march forward, to eliminate any signs of threat on the path of the Haihead's counter attack. Alize uses a blast rifle, which relies on similar tech that is used to manipulate the devastating steam erupted from the Blast Furnace's trenches. These powerful controlled blasts can blow up enemy vehicles in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, Fin has mastered the use of a custom automated sniper rifle, with which he can kill multiple enemy troops at great ranges in short time. The weapon has to reload to reach its full firing speed after a series of shots, but even then Fin can continue to kill if necessary.

On the battlefield, Alize and Fin are inseperably fighting side by side. A unique nanotechnology design has been crafted to allow them to support each other directly. As long as the siblings are close they will heal each other, making them able to withstand quite a lot of enemy fire.[1]


Fin is the ultimate tool of destruction when it comes to dealing with ground infantry; not only does he kill most of them in one shot but he outranges most of them, including hero units. When coupled with Alize, their ability to heal each other makes them nearly invincible to most attacks. However, his limited ammunition can leave him exposed, and without Alize by his side or an escort, he can't respond to enemy armor.

Like other Foehn infantry, Fin is immune to dogs and spooks, uncrushable by normal tanks, and vulnerable to magnetic weaponry.

AI behavior

Fin controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x scouting, accompanied by Alize
    • This task force will move in a random direction as far as possible
    • This behavior is often clunky, as this task force will occasionally ignore enemies within their range or even directly attacking them


  • Extremely effective against groups of infantry.
  • Heals rapidly when coupled with Alize.
  • Fin-Alize combo becomes an unstoppable anti-unit force.
  • Fast firing rate and reloading rate.
  • Effective attack range greater than that of standard infantry units.
  • Decent amount of ammunition.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, as well as immune to confusion rays.
  • Cannot fire continuously as it requires to reload after 15 shots.
  • Weaker when not coupled with Alize.
  • Morales and Rahn can easily kill him in one shot.
  • Cannot fire at armored vehicles, aircraft and structures (including Terror Drones).
  • Vulnerable to stun beams and magnetic weapons.
  • Only one may be present at a time.

Behind the scenes

Fin's SHP sprite is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The links can be found here or here (named Space Marine).


  • If both Haihead heroes' names are combined, they will form the word "Finalize".

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