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Mental Omega 3.3 for C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, Sunlight. Mental Omega 3.3 is next part of Mental Omega mods for Red Alert 2, after Mental Omega 1.2, Mental Omega 2.0 and Mental Omega 3.0.

The time has come once again, the new version of C&C Red Alert 2 Mental Omega 3.3 is finally here. Furthering the Red Alert 2 legacy, Mental Omega 3.3 builds on what was established by Westwood Studios and expands upon the conflict between the Allies, Soviets, and Yuri's Epsilon, while introducing a completely new faction to the play - the Foehn Revolt - complete with its own 3 subfaction, structures, units, support powers and heroes.

Enhanced with the powerful Ares DLL, a project headed by AlexB to push C&C Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge engine to its limits, C&C Red Alert 2 Mental Omega 3.3 strives to bring new features to the game while maintaining a strong sense of gameplay balance. C&C Red Alert 2 Mental Omega 3.3 continues where the first Red Alert 2 left off and branches out into an expanded universe with brand new missions for all factions, with missions for the Foehn Revolt planned for the future.

C&C Red Alert 2 Mental Omega 3.3 requires files from a working installation of Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge patched to 1.001 to be played. The Red Alert 2 is automatically patched to 1.006 during the installation of Yuri's Revenge.

Yuri's Revenge is an expansion pack for C&C Red Alert 2, released in the October 2001. It contains 7 missions for both Soviets and the Allies, it's focused around time travelling back in time to stop Yuri's secret plan of dominating the world by activating secretly constructed Psychic Dominator devices during the war. Missions are way harder than these in vanilla Red Alert 2 campaign but are still much easier than those in Mental Omega 2.0/3.0. There was also planned a campaign for Yuri but it was scrapped due to the time constraints.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is a 2.5D real-time strategy computer game by Westwood Pacific, which was released for Microsoft Windows on October 23, 2000 as the follow-up to Command & Conquer: Red Alert. Set in the early 1970s, Red Alert 2 supposedly picks up at the conclusion of the Allied campaign of the first game, but this has been subject to debate. Its expansion is Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge.

Sunlight - a final mission of Act I for the Allies. After losing the Steinstech Labs in Black Forest and being pushed back from continental Europe, British face the threat of joint Sino-Russian invasion. The only possible way to stop them and their MIDAS warheads is the Allied Navy and GLADIUS. This mission is surely hard, a lot of Kirovs, Borillos, Crazy Ivans and a Tactical Nuke that destroys GLADIUS in one hit. Losing one GLADIUS means mission failed but here are some tips to pass this mission. - Since start, wall all of the GLADIUS, it's the best way to stop Borillos, Armadillos and Crazy Ivans. They will just circle around it without a chance to hit it. - Capture Oil Derricks ASAP - Aegis Cruisers are the best way to defend GLADIUS from Kirovs and Dreadnought. Basically these two units will be your hardest threat to deal with it. - In your base, garrison all the civilian buildings around your base. It's very handy against Soviet paratroopers. - Also place some dogs and SEALs inside against Soviet troopers and Saboteurs. - There might be a paradrop of Volkov and Chitzkoi east to your main base (not sure is it still in 3.3, but was in 3.0) - SEALs will be also very handy against Crazy Ivans - On the top left island, there will be most of the attacks, even waves of 6-8 Kirovs at once so be prepared. At least there is some space to build the barracks. - Capture the Ore expansion with Oild Derricks to the southwest, it gives a great cash boost. - Top right GLADIUS is the most safe, AI will most likely ignore it for most of the time. - Remember the Tactical Nuke that fires in 40 minutes? It always fires at top right GLADIUS, be ready to use the Force Shield in time!

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