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The intel acquired from Yuri's command base on the Moon has made it clear - he is currently hiding in Moscow. The Soviets mobilize all of their forces, both in space and on the ground, to launch a major offensive on the Epsilon Army's positions in Russia in order to liberate their homeland.
—Mission description

Operation: Fatal Impact is the eleventh Soviet Act Two campaign mission.


Comrade, the trail of Yuri's psychic soldiers goes cold at the site of containers on his moon base. Early intel suggests a massacre took place there, but that's all we know. Whatever this base was before, it has served its purpose and there were no supersoldiers to be found. None but one, and what's worse - a cyborg. As horrifying as it sounds, we now believe Yuri has taken the body of Boris after the battle for New York, and through cruel experiments tried to replicate the cybernetics once used to create Volkov. The hero of Russia did not deserve such fate and will be avenged, but this poses a question whether Yuri has failed - we have not seen the Epsilon use cyborgs in battle once. Still, your efforts will finally bring us back home. The advanced weapons of the Chinese and Yuri's space conquest tech is all we need to eliminate his defenses around Moscow.

Thanks to our skilled engineers, we could repurpose his shuttles, but wouldn't you guess - the madman has already made use of the tech from the British Isles and, quite possibly after studying our Topol missiles, constructed an interceptor network of his own! Our forces in the motherland have already retaken some of its key locations and are marching to Moscow as we speak. And so, now that preparations are complete, all we need to do is eliminate this Spatha System. Once all 7 of its units are gone, we will rain fire on Yuri's Psychic Amplifier. As long as it stands, our forces can't approach the city. Who knows Comrade, if there's enough luck on our side we might just kill Yuri with a missile strike alone. You must act quick though - these hastily prepared nukes are being attached to one of the military satellites we have reactivated from the Chinese facilities. As it orbits the Earth, Moscow will only be in its range for so long, and if Yuri finds out where we're firing from, he will easily destroy it.


Initial offense

Volkov and Chitzkoi lands at outer Moscow

Three-pronged attack

Fatal error

Volkov effortlessly captured by Yuri himself after being immobilized by the orbital nuclear strikes


We have paid the ultimate price, but the Psychic Amplifier by the Kremlin has been successfully destroyed. There is no doubt left - that was Yuri himself. Our remaining forces will rise up against the traitor to end him for good. Even Volkov can't save him now.
—Battlefield report

Difficulty changes

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Easter eggs

  • Destroy all 7 red lights behind the tree, 4 cash crates will be generated in the upper right corner of the map.
  • Stealthed Citadel Ruins Easter Egg tutorial (