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The Soviets are planning a major operation to take complete control of the African territories in Allies' place. Yuri intends to nip their plans in the bud, else it might pose a threat to the next stage of his design. As Yuri prepares to reemerge in Moscow, the Scorpion Cell readies its forces in Morocco.
—Mission description

Operation: Fallen Ashes is an Epsilon Special Operations campaign mission.


The long preparation period is over. With the help of PsiCorps, the moment for us to rise has come! Some of our brethren are lurking around Moscow to assist Yuri in his major operation, and most of our members who remain in Africa and the Middle East are ready for large-scale deportations of foreign occupiers. You will have the honors of leading the attack in the coastal city of Casablanca in Morocco, where the headquarters of the Soviet African Expedition are currently located. Morocco has long been occupied by the Americans until around last year, when the Latin Confederation, who first came to this continent to kidnap our leader after the incident in Xizang two years ago, overwhelmed their biggest base in the region. The Confederation's influence in our lands has been growing ever since, while we could mostly watch from the shadows.

To everyone's surprise, despite the destruction of their facilities in the Black Forest, the Allies have regained the ability to teleport their units on a small scale. With help, supposedly coming from the London Fortress, the surviving American forces in the region have come out of hiding from deserts to battle their Soviet archrivals once again. Even so, they aren't our main focus at the moment. Based on our intel, we believe that you first need to cut off the Confederation's contact with their bases in Spain so that we can safely continue our operations. Make good use of the limited resources distributed to you. Do not disappoint Rashidi, Brother.

Objective 1: Destroy all Radar Domes.
Objective 2: Destroy the enemy bases.


Although owned only a few units deployed on the outskirts of the city to use, the Scorpion Cell commander in charge of this operation decided to expand power to the left, aiming at capture the Confederation outpost there. With the help of Stalin's Fist to support, more vehicle are produced to attack, and some Epsilon Adepts provided by PsiCorps came to cooperate. After period of time passed, Scorpion Cell had captured the outpost on the left without experiencing too much difficulty and continue to advance.

The Scorpion Cell destroyed a Radar Dome located at that outpost, arousing Latin Confederation's alert. They tried to withdraw officers to leave the city for help, while sending a support request to the headquarters. Although for Scorpion Cell, knowing that the enemy wanted to request reinforcements, it was difficult to stop them with their existing strength, but more friendly forces responded - an additional commander sent reinforcements into the battlefield to support this operation, and PsiCorps activated a Psychic Beacon hidden in a statue next to the US base, and instantly controlled the Americans in the city-this Beacon was charging for a long time secretly, and it is the reason why the commander was repeatedly to be told to ignore the Americans.

As Scorpion Cell’s power in this area penetrating into the city, they seized every opportunity to block the enemy’s message sending channels, controlled the city’s tunnel system, and sent Infiltrators to extend the time for sending messages from time to time to allow them to attack easier. Shadow Tank reinforcements delivered in the sabotaged port also gave them opportunity to launch sneak attack in the Confederation base inside. Eventually the team destroyed all Radar Domes with less hostile threats existing.

The Latin Confederation, that had lost all opportunities for calling reinforcements, was quickly defeated by Scorpion Cell in the subsequent resistance, the entire base had been destroyed, and their control of North Africa collapsed.


The foreigners' occupation of our lands ends here and so begins the fall of the Soviet dominion. Falling one by one, the so-called leaders of the world are being exposed as weak and unfit to lead the people. We will give them back the freedom they deserve.
—Rashidi's message

This operation marks that the Scorpion Cell have generally purged out the external occupants in their territory. Since the North Africa are secured, Rashidi begins inventing more weapons at several African facilities, and Yuri becomes able to deploy his Psychic Network easily in Africa.

Concurrently, the Soviets are collapsing rapidly: Russia fell into chaos with their leader assassinated in Moscow; Latin Confederation are losing their territory in West Europe and North Africa, after this operation and a subsequent infiltration. As China now becomes the only one who has a complete power this time, the Soviets starts considering giving up the previous internal conflicts, and unite together against the Epsilon Army.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 80000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive forces are the least in this difficulty.
  • Time interval of the enemy evacuates the next officer when the previous one is killed: 9:00
  • All tech defenses in the enemy bases and defense lines are not given to the enemy.
  • The Tech Airfield at top right is not shielded by the Iron Curtain Device.
  • 4 more Shadow Tanks will be sent at top left port.
  • 2 more Scout Ravens are among the initial forces.
  • Part of enemy units in the American base and the bottom left Confederation base will be removed.
  • Part of Tesla Coils on the map will be removed.


  • Starting credits: 50000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive forces are average in this difficulty.
  • Time interval of the enemy evacuates the next officer when the previous one is killed: 7:00


  • Starting credits: 40000
  • The amount of the enemy's offensive forces are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • Time interval of the enemy evacuates the next officer when the previous one is killed: 5:00
  • The ally AI's production intensity throught the Stalin's Fist is lower than other difficulties.

Easter egg

It appears these three Heavy Kamaz Trucks contained pieces of the full map of the city.
—Scorpion Cell intel officer
  • There are 3 Heavy Kamaz Trucks in the back of the main Latin Confederation base. If the player mind controls/hijacks all 3, the map will be revealed. The quote above will also appear when this easter egg is completed.
    • The locations are listed below:
      • First truck is located between 2 nuclear reactors
      • Second truck is located near where the shadow tanks has been transferred
      • Third truck is located at a parking lot, next to another truck
  • Around the middle of the map (bottom of central Red Latin outpost) is a cruise liner that is stuck between two bridges. Destroying the cruise liner will cause crates to be spawned on the north facing of the river.