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The Fake Psychic Dominator is the fake decoy version of the Psychic Dominator only available to Scorpion Cell.


The fake Psychic Dominator serves to deceive enemies into targeting them to draw attention away from the real one. To make it more convincing, the fake Psychic Dominator is even capable of using a Fake Domination every 10 minutes, during which a Domination countdown like the real one will be displayed to all players, and sends out a Domination activation alert when used that will cause everyone to think that a Domination is about to occur – except in truth it's nothing more than a Domination alert.

The fake and the real Psychic Dominator should be placed in different locations to confuse the enemy. The fake Domination can also be used to mess with the enemies' heads by combining both together; use the fake one first, and once they no longer fell to the trick, use the real one on them! Doing this in an alternating fashion will lead to the enemy being unsure about which Psychic Dominator is the real one, and often lead to them panicking whenever both the fake and the real Dominator is used. It is also a good idea to use the real Dominator simultaneously with the fake.

Fake Domination cameo

Scorpion Cell Proselytes should also build and guard the fake Psychic Dominator in a suitable position (such as near the heart of a base) with adequate defenses and units in order to add to the deception and make it more convincing that it is a real one, as a poorly-defended one will be a dead giveaway that it is obviously the decoy one to wily opponents.

AI behavior

The AI will always build the Fake Psychic Dominator after the real Psychic Dominator is constructed.

In spite of its falseness, the AI will use the fake Domination the same way as the real Domination to "target" the following structures, assuming they are not cloaked. These are ordered according to priority:

If all these do not exist, it will target airfields, base defenses, then finally units.

On the other hand, the AI will not use Force Shield against a Fake Domination activation. Furthermore, the AI will send specific task forces against it, as if it were a real Psychic Dominator (such as sending espionage units to reset its countdown).


That Psychic Dominator must be a fake! The enemy is trying to deceive you!
—Allied intel during Operation: Parasomnia

Fake Psychic Dominator is unbuildable in the campaign.

Act Two

  • In Fatal Impact, one of Psychic Dominators built by the enemy during the mission is a fake one.

Special Ops

  • In the first phase of Parasomnia, a fake Psychic Dominator is located at the deepest zone of the Epsilon HQ base. The Allies will only learn that it's fake when its "Domination" starts activating.
  • In Brothers in Arms, each of the three PsiCorps bases has a Psychic Dominator, but two of the random Dominators are fake.

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