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The Fake Pandora Hub is the fake decoy version of the Pandora Hub only available to Scorpion Cell.

Official description

Scorpion Cell has access to a fake decoy version of this structure once they build a Bio Reactor and an Ore Refinery. The fake version of the building will auto-upgrade itself with a fake Chemplug after 2 and a half minutes have passed since its construction, which is roughly the time required to build a real Chemplug.[1]


The fake Pandora Hub serves to deceive enemies into targeting them to draw attention away from the real ones. It can attract enemy espionage units to infiltrate them and ends up in vain, though the fake Pandora Hub itself is unable to provide ground control.

To make it more convincing, the fake Pandora Hub will auto-generate a Chemplug on it after about 2 minutes.