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The Fake Construction Yard is the decoy version of the Epsilon Construction Yard only available to Scorpion Cell.


The fake Construction Yard serves to deceive enemies into targeting them to draw attention away from the real ones. It can also be put into outpost bases to make them appear as full bases, though the fake Construction Yard itself is unable to provide ground control.

To make it more convincing, the fake Construction Yard can also be unpacked into a fake MCV.

AI behavior

The AI will never build a Fake Construction Yard, nor will they unpack it if they somehow obtained one.


Fake Construction Yard cannot be built in the campaign.

Act Two

  • In Exist to Exit, both Construction Yards at the top left and bottom right Epsilon bases are fake, the only true one is the dark purple Construction Yard where Epsilon will deploy at the top right shortly after the beginning of the mission.
  • In Meltdown, the only Construction Yard on the map is fake.
  • In Earthrise, there is an Epsilon Construction Yard located next to the player base, which is obviously fake.

Special Ops

  • In Gridlock, the Epsilon Construction Yards located next to the player base and in the two PsiCorps outposts are fake.
  • In Dawnbreaker, all Epsilon Construction Yards other than the deepest one are fake.

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