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The Experimental Warpshop is an Allied structure that is needed to field the Chrono Legionnaire and the Hummingbird. It also provides the use of chrono-based support powers.

Official description

The Experimental Warpshop allows the Allies to construct additional weapons which heavily rely on advancements in chrono research, like the Chrono Legionnaire or the Hummingbird. There are several structures in the Allied tech tree with which the Warpshop will "cooperate" to provide access to special support Backwarp which might just give Allied commanders an edge over their opponents.[1]


Besides granting access to the most advanced Allied units at the commander's disposal, the Experimental Warpshop also provides the following support powers with chrono technology in mind:

Support power Description
Allied commanders who desire to further boost their economy can summon 2 Chrono Miners anywhere on the battlefield, usually close to ore fields to commence harvesting immediately. This support power costs $3000, takes 8:30 to recharge, and requires an operational Allied Ore Refinery.
The Allies are able to undo recent damage to their friendly units and buildings with chrono technology. The aptly known as Backwarp is free of charge but takes 5:00 to recharge and requires a present Tech Center (though this prerequisite is insignificant since the Experimental Warpshop requires said building anyways).
Whenever speed becomes a necessity in a battle, the Chronoboost can be utilized to temporarily increase the speed of vehicles in a targeted radius, as long as there is a War Factory or Naval Shipyard present. The Chronoboost costs $800 and takes 8:00 to recharge.
Once a Chronosphere has been established in an Allied base, commanders are able to teleport structures and defenses within the wide radius of the Experimental Warpshop, making it possible to relocate the 2 closer to the frontlines. This process is known as Chronolift, and it has no cost at all to perform but takes 2:00 to recharge.


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