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The Eradicator is a deadlier variant of the Desolator used by China who constantly emits deadly radiation around itself and can irradiate larger parcels of land.

Official description

Where the Desolator was already an irresponsible effort to create a powerful infantry unit, the Chinese take it a step further in the form of the Eradicator. The Eradicator carries an experimental, even more lethal radiation cannon. So much in fact, that it constantly leaks radiation, thus making the Eradicator dangerous at all times to surrounding units. Like the Desolator, the Eradicator can deploy in order to irradiate the earth, however, his spread of irradiation is much bigger.[1]


If you believe that the Desolator is bad enough, think again. The Eradicator is by far one of the most powerful infantry units in the game notwithstanding hero units, and the Chinese equivalent of them outclasses even the Soviet Desolator in every area that the latter already excels in.

The Eradicator's damage output is the same as the Desolator's (which makes them a force to be reckoned with against any target that is vulnerable to radiation-based weaponry), but they have a few additional tricks up their sleeves. China's unique spin on this infamous infantry unit carries a Rad Cannon that constantly leaks radiation from it, which will in return damage any hostile units (but surprisingly not friendly units) that may get too close to them. This allows the Eradicator to damage any enemy unit (including cloaked and disguised ones) nearby, making them quite dangerous to engage especially if the opposition can only engage them at close ranges - provided they can survive getting up that close to the trooper in the first place. They can also deploy their weapons into the ground and create a large area denial zone, but their weapon irradiates a surface much larger than the Desolator's.

Eradicators are also more durable than Desolators but like the former, they only become uncrushable to most vehicles only after they have deployed themselves to irradiate the area surrounding them. The Eradicator is also a popular unit to augment the Centurion Siege Crawler's firepower with (preferably 2) due to the raw damage output they can dish out.

Unfortunately, they still share the similar weaknesses of the Desolator. Like their less advanced cousins, deploying their radiation fields will indiscriminately harm friends and foes alike, and must be cautiously used if friendly forces are in the area. Their Rad Cannon is useless against buildings, rogue Desolators/Eradicators, and robotic units, and they lack the range to engage long-ranged anti-infantry units such as Snipers and Viruses before they are eliminated. PsiCorps' magnetic weapons can render them immobile as well given their plate-type armor. Finally, the Eradicator is more expensive compared to the Desolator.

AI behavior

Eradicators controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 2x loaded inside a Centurion Siege Crawler then proceed to target structures; accompanied by Yunru
    • The AI may use Invulnerability and Irradiation Gamma on this task force
    • If available, Rage and Shadow Ring will also be applied
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 Dragonfly
  • 2x loaded inside an Armadillo; accompanied by 4 Shock/Tesla Troopers
  • 3x targeting infantry or vehicles
  • 3x guarding Flak Cannons or Tesla Coils


  • 3x targeting anything

Outside of scripted sequences in the campaign, the AI is not programmed to use the Desolator's deploy ability.


Act One

Act Two

  • Rashidi has a limited number of Eradicators alongside some other Chinese units at his disposal in Obsidian Sands. The Eradicators guard his Topol-M. It's revealed that Rashidi had formed a secret coalition with Yunru and was able to use Chinese technology. Malver also gained some Chinese units including Eradicators in the Special Ops mission Survivors.
  • In Earthrise onwards, the Eradicator replaces the Desolator in the player's main arsenal.



  • Nearly unmatched against most infantry.
  • Slightly more durable than Desolators.
  • Eradicators deal constant radiation damage to close, surrounding enemies.
  • Powerful in numbers.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles (but only when deployed).
  • When deployed, Eradicators can irradiate an area surpass that of Desolators.
  • Eradicator's weapon is quite effective against vehicles.
  • Very powerful when inside a Centurion Siege Crawler.
  • Decent attack range.
  • Immune to radiation.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Vulnerable to long-ranged anti-infantry weaponry and air units.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Susceptible to mind control and confusion rays.
  • Completely useless against structures, robotic units, and enemy Desolators/Eradicators.
  • Immobile while deployed.
  • Deployed Eradicator's radiation can harm friendly units.
  • More expensive than Desolators. ($1100)

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