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The Epsilon Headquarters often shortened to Epsilon HQ, Headquarters or HQ, is one of three subfactions of the Epsilon Army.

Official description

The Epsilon Headquarters task force is the defense regiment of Yuri's forces' central hub of operations on the Antarctic continent. As this Epsilon division is dedicated wholly to the protection of Yuri’s ultimate weapon he's been building in utmost secrecy for decades, they work to push the boundaries of their advanced technologies further than most would dare even think of. Their designated objective dictates they can conduct only the most important off-continent operations for their Great Leader, which has resulted in them often providing their special arsenal units to the other Epsilon divisions.

Thanks to the extensive research into genetic manipulation, Headquarters' infantry ranks are filled with mutant super soldiers strengthened with a myriad of enhancements, culminating in the perfect killing machine, Rahn. The Epsilon Headquarters is also the manufacturer of dangerous stealth weapons as well as the imposing Aerial Fortress Irkalla, ensuring the complete inaccessibility of their frozen stronghold.[1]


The Epsilon Headquarters division was founded sometime between the end of the Third Great War and the Mental Omega War. They have taken over Antarctica for the Epsilon Army and made it their primary base of operations.

By the time Yuri's forces were ready for war, they developed a dangerous genevirus and deployed it in a Latin Confederation Headquarters and thus the genetically mutated humans (including their commando Rahn), were brought into the fold.

When Yuri knew that the Allies were still a threat in his global conquest, he launched an assault deep within London with the Epsilon HQ's prized possession: the Aerial Fortress Irkalla. Though initially successful in bringing permanent ruin to the last bastion of the Allied Nations, it was unable to destroy the unknown flying device that was launched in the final phases of the invasion that halted time and wiped out the entire Epsilon strike force.

As the majority of their technology are still being developed over the early stages of the Mental Omega War, the Epsilon Headquarters had little presence in the war beyond Antarctica. In fact, their tanks were barely finished by the time the Allies had launched the Paradox Engine.

However, once the tanks were completed, the Epsilon Headquarters begin to mobilize in Asia, to investigate Chinese activities, attempt to wipe out the recently discovered facility that was equipped with Chinese experimental technology. Unluckily, the Epsilon HQ outposts in close proximity were vanquished following the detonation of the last MIDAS warhead in the Kashmir facility. After pursuing Yunru that led to the tampering Libra's CAS, a small Epsilon HQ regiment was later dispatched to recover the berserk progeny. After escaping from Kashmir, Epsilon HQ's forces in Asia began to attack China's mainland coastal territories and occupied areas in Japan.

The Epsilon Headquarters assisted in recovering the damaged Psychic Amplifier in Zaire, Africa by means of their Colossi and their commando Rahn. The HQ command himself was later redeployed to Antarctica to prepare for the arrival of the Allies.

In the final stages of the Mental Omega War, the Epsilon Headquarters engaged in an all-out war with the Allied remnants and the Paradox Engine. However, the outer defenses of Yuri's Antarctican fortress (including 3 Aerial Fortresses Irkalla) were unable to halt the Allied invasion and were destroyed mainly due to the Allies' chrono assaults and time freezing.

Though a large portion of the Headquarters forces in Antarctica were destroyed in the aftermath, a now mature Libra managed to destroy the Allied invaders by herself. Along with Rahn and the rest of the Epsilon HQ vanguard, they launched a blitzkrieg on the Southern Cross task force, and reinforced the Mental Omega Device from the invading Allied assaults. Later on, the Epsilon HQ forces along with mind-controlled Soviet and Allied puppets would finally crush the rest of the Paradox Engine task forces in a desperate last stand. The Paradox Engine was able to pull off one last kamikaze attempt by colliding into the device, severely damaging it and weakening its power. With the Allies' trump card finally destroyed, the Headquarters forces rapidly finished off any Allied survivors, but were unable to stop the Allied remnants from escaping via the old Chronosphere, which Siegfried had recovered previously. The Epsilon learned they had fled Point Hope, which had been liberated from the Foehn Revolt and a subsequent attack on the Alaskan stronghold failed.

Despite suffering horrific losses, the Epsilon Headquarters succeeded in defending Yuri's Tower and stood victorious against all odds.







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