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Look deeply into my eyes.
—Epsilon Elite

Epsilon Elites are used by the PsiCorps in place of the Epsilon Adepts. They can levitate over land and sea, and are slightly more durable, but are otherwise the same as their Adept brethren.

Official description

The Elite force of the Epsilon Army, Adepts who have attained further psychic power and who have proven their worth to Yuri himself. Assigned to the PsiCorps, they represent some of Yuri's most powerful agents. Emanating such powerful psychic energies gives the Elite minor telekinetic abilities as they levitate themselves slightly above the ground, allowing Elites to travel over water.[1]


An Epsilon Elite unleashing a psychic blast

For the PsiCorps, Epsilon Elites are used to capture enemy units. These units can then be used to fight, but most of the time they are immediately sent to a Grinder. The unit becomes available to train from Epsilon Barracks once a Pandora Hub is established on the field.

Like Epsilon Adepts, Epsilon Elites could only control the mind of one unit at a time, making them vulnerable to groups of enemy units. Although their psychic blast can instantly kill large groups of infantry, it is difficult for an Elite to come close to them before getting killed. But compared to the Adept, the Epsilon Elite has a new feature: amphibious. This allows Epsilon Elites to also operate at sea, posing a serious threat to enemy fleets by creating chaos in them. In addition, Elite is also faster than Adept. Epsilon Elite also has the advantage that they cannot be crushed by vehicles unlike Epsilon Adept, due to their floating.

Some units could not be controlled by Epsilon Elites: heroes were immune to mind control, as they had been trained to resist it; most non-human units, such as Attack Dogs, were psychologically incompatible with Epsilon's mind-control technology; Robot Tanks, Terror Drones, rogue Stingers and Teratorns were completely robotic and also immune to mind control by definition; ore miners and epic units could not be mind-controlled either. Units that are psychic themselves cannot be mind-controlled by any means.

It is worth noting that if a unit is already mind-controlled, the Epsilon Elites are unable to forcibly break the existing psychic link and assert their own projected will, unless the link is terminated from the other end.


Some of our Adepts have risen in their psychic potential. The Elites are unbound by the ground.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Godsend

Act Two

  • The first Epsilon Elite appears in Exist to Exit. He's located at top right of map and controls a Zubr Transport for an unknown purpose.
  • Epsilon Elites is first usable in Godsend.
  • Epsilon Elites become trainable in Metaphor and Dance of Blood, where also mark the completely replacement of Epsilon Adepts, no matter among whether PsiCorps or Epsilon HQ forces.
  • It is worth mentioning that even the re-controlled Scorpion Cell after the rebellion cannot use Epsilon Elites, but the formal Epsilon troops with using Scorpion Cell armaments can use them normally.

Starting from version 3.3.5, the tech tree unlocking in the battle has been adjusted. Now that non-Epsilon factions cannot produce all weaponry related to psychic technology from capturing the Epsilon base, which means that the players cannot use a series of units and buildings such as Epsilon Adepts, Epsilon Elites, Masterminds and Psychic Towers when capturing enemy Epsilon bases under normal circumstances. But for Adepts and Elites, a special "revolutionary education" method can still allow players to gain access to them.


  • Can mind control and release Psychic Blasts, just like the Epsilon Adept.
  • Immune to enemy mind control.
  • Decent range.
  • Mind-controlling a transport will trap loaded units inside it.
  • Slightly more durable than the Epsilon Adept.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Amphibious.
  • Extremely fragile.
  • Expensive.
  • Cannot mind-control infantry garrisoned in buildings.
  • Cannot affect airborne units, robots, animals and structures.
  • Cannot mind-control units that are already mind-controlled.
  • Ore miners, Hero units, MCVs are some of the notable exceptions that are immune to mind-control.
  • Can be countered using long ranged weapons.
  • Mediocre speed.
  • Can not be garrisoned in transports while mind-controlling an enemy, leaving them very vulnerable.


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