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The Construction Yard is the primary base building of the Epsilon Army.

Official description

The Epsilon Construction Yard is the single most important structure in Yuri's arsenal, providing all the construction options needed for Epsilon buildings and defenses. As such, it is a very high priority target for enemies. Destruction of your last construction unit means inability to continue base expansion. A Construction Yard provides a small amount of power as well.[1]

Scorpion Cell has the access to a fake decoy version of this structure once they upgrade their Pandora Hub with a Chemplug. The decoy costs $700 and only one can be built, it includes the mobile form.


The Epsilon Construction Yard is responsible for building the following Epsilon structures and defenses:


Icon Structure Requirements Description
Bio Reactor none
  • Epsilon's power supply
  • Provides +150 power units on default
  • Infantry can enter a Bio Reactor (+50 per infantry), leading to a total of +400 power units
Epsilon Barracks none
  • Epsilon's infantry training facility
  • Infantry build time can be decreased by constructing additional Barracks
Epsilon Ore Refinery none
  • Epsilon's resource processor
  • Comes with a Ghost Miner to begin mining operations immediately
Epsilon War Factory
  • Epsilon's vehicle production facility
  • Vehicle build time can be decreased by constructing additional War Factories
Epsilon Naval Shipyard
  • Epsilon's naval production facility
  • Capable of repairing one ship at a time
  • Navy build time can be decreased by constructing additional Naval Shipyards
Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's technology enhancer and radar provider
  • Grants partial access to Tier 2
  • Epsilon's jet production structure
  • Houses and rearms up to 4 jets
  • Aircraft build time can be decreased by constructing additional Aerodomes
Pandora Hub
  • Epsilon's technology enhancer
  • Grants partial access to Tier 2
  • PCicon PsiCorps' advanced technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the PsiCorps Tier 3 arsenal
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's advanced technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the Scorpion Cell Tier 3 arsenal
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' technology enhancer and support power provider
  • Grants complete access to the Epsilon Headquarters Tier 3 arsenal
Cloning Vats
  • Epsilon's cloning facility and economy booster
  • Produces a clone of every infantry trained (with the exception of heroes)
  • Also produces funds similar to a Tech Oil Derrick
Rage Inductor
  • Epsilon's support superweapon
  • After 6 minutes of accumulating Terminus gas, it can be released to friendly Epsilon units to enhance their firepower and regenerate their wounds (in the case of infantry) significantly.
Psychic Dominator
  • Epsilon's offensive superweapon
  • After 10 minutes of harnessing vast amounts of psychic energy, it can be unleashed to enemy installations to decimate buildings and dominate the minds of Epsilon's enemies in ground zero permanently.


Icon Structure Requirements Description
Citadel Walls Epsilon Barracks
  • Epsilon's passive defense
  • Blocks infantry and vehicles from passing through it
Gate Epsilon Barracks
  • Epsilon's passive defense
  • Blocks enemies, but let friendly forces enter through it
Gatling Cannon Epsilon Barracks
  • Epsilon's anti-infantry and anti-aircraft defense
  • Armed with twin gatling guns designed to rip through infantry and aircraft
  • Its damage output increases over time when firing continuously
Tank Bunker Epsilon Barracks
  • Epsilon's garrisonable defense
  • A single turreted vehicle can enter it to defend from enemy attacks
  • Only airstrikes can eliminate the Tank Bunker's occupant without destroying the bunker itself
Inferno Tower Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's advanced defense
  • Fires a thermal beam that is effective against infantry and vehicles
  • Deals splash damage in a small radius
Mind Reader Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's support defense
  • Capable of detecting and predicting the movement of enemy forces within its radius
Grinder Pandora Hub
  • Epsilon's recycling structure
  • Recycles units that enter it, returning 50% of its original cost
Chimera Core
  • Epsilon's stealth generator
  • Cloaks friendly units around it, unseen to enemy forces without detection
Antares Battery
  • Epsilon's long range defense
  • Fires a more intense thermal beam to burn approaching enemies from afar
Psychic Tower
  • PCicon PsiCorps' mind control defense
  • Able to seize control of up to 3 enemy units within its range
  • Can gain experience by taking it from the mind-controlled units
Fake Construction Yard
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's diversion structure
  • Unable to construct buildings or provide ground control by itself
  • Can unpack into a fake MCV to fool enemies even more
Fake Psychic Dominator
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's diversion superweapon
  • Creates a fake timer and activation alert to fool enemies even more
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' hidden defense
  • Deployed in clusters
  • When enemies are in close proximity, the Genomine explodes, releasing Terminus gas that mutates nearby enemies into Brutes


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