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The Aerodome is where Epsilon's Dybbuk series of jets are produced and maintained.

Official description

Just like the Allies build their Air Force Command Headquarters and the Soviets have begun deploying Airbases once again, the Epsilon's forces have designed an airfield of their own. The Aerodome is where they construct, maintain and reload the aircraft from their Dybbuk series.[1]


The Aerodome constructs and reloads the following Dybbuk aircraft:


Unit Description
Fighter Jet. Strong vs. Armor.
  • Has 6 ammunition
Advanced Bomber Jet. Strong vs. Infantry.

Stolen Tech

Unit Description
Stolen Tech Mind Control Jet.
  • Requires infiltration of Pandora Hub and Epsilon Construction Yard
  • Requires upgraded Pandora Hub
  • Has 3 ammunition
  • Abilities:
    • Mind controls up to 3 enemy units (including aircraft)
    • Increases firepower of mind-controlled victims by 60% for 60 seconds

AI behavior

The AI will only build a maximum of 2 Aerodomes on all difficulties.

Curiously, the AI will build only a maximum of 1 Aerodome if their difficulty is set to Easy and Mental AI Boost is enabled.


We have an airfield of our own. Construct Dybbuk-As to fight enemy tanks on the ground.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Divergence

Act Two

  • Aerodome first appears as a buildable structure in Divergence.
  • Aerodomes are notably available for Epsilon forces on the moon in Earthrise.

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