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The mind is quicker than the eye.
—Epsilon Adept

Epsilon Adepts are one of the main Epsilon infantry, using their psychic powers to control an enemy's mind or killing nearby infantry with a psychic blast.

The PsiCorps uses Epsilon Elites instead, which are stronger and amphibious due to levitating above ground with their powers, but are otherwise still the same.

Official description

The very core members of Yuri's Epsilon Army and the successors of the original decades-old Soviet PsiCorps division, the Adepts are individuals with above average psychic abilities, allowing them to bend the will of others to suit their goals. They pose a significant threat to almost all soldiers and human-operated vehicles, turning their victims against their compatriots with a mere thought.

Adepts are capable of defending themselves against infantry with a potent psychic blast which overwhelms the brains of unshielded soldiers caught within, resulting in death. Though powerful opponents, Adepts are not able to control the minds of animals and are completely defenseless against robotic units.[1]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here.

An Epsilon Adept unleashing a psychic blast

Epsilon Adepts are used to capture enemy units. These units can then be used to fight, but most of the time they are immediately sent to a Grinder or a Bio Reactor. The unit becomes available to train from Epsilon Barracks once a Pandora Hub is established on the field.

Epsilon Adepts could only control the mind of one unit at a time, making them vulnerable to groups of enemy units. Although their psychic blast can instantly kill large groups of infantry, it is difficult for an Adept to come close to them before getting killed.

Some units could not be controlled by Epsilon Adepts: heroes were immune to mind control, as they had been trained to resist it; most non-human units, such as Attack Dogs, were psychologically incompatible with Epsilon's mind-control technology; Robot Tanks, Terror Drones, rogue Stingers and Teratorns were completely robotic and also immune to mind control by definition; ore miners and epic units could not be mind-controlled either. Units that are psychic themselves cannot be mind-controlled by any means.

It is worth noting that if a unit is already mind-controlled, the Epsilon Adept are unable to forcibly break the existing psychic link and assert their own projected will, unless the link is terminated from the other end.

AI behavior

Epsilon Adepts controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 4 Brutes and 2 Duneriders
  • 2x guarding Epsilon Barracks, accompanied by 5 Initiates and 3 Archers
  • 2x guarding Radar Spire, accompanied by 3 Initiates, 3 Archers and 2 Brutes
  • 4x targeting anything
    • The AI may use Shadow Ring on this task force (Medium and Hard AI only)


  • 4x guarding Chimera Cores

The AI is not programmed to use the Epsilon Adept's deploy ability.


Yuri has sent some of his PsiCorps Troopers. They can mind control our enemies.
—Soviet EVA during Operation: Peace Treaty
Soviet PsiCorps Troopers cameo

In Act One, Epsilon Adepts are known as PsiCorps Troopers, and have a different cameo. They are the very first Epsilon unit introduced to the player, in Peacekeeper. They appear in almost all Epsilon Act One missions, and are trainable by PsiCorps from the Soviet Barracks (requiring Palace) in Moonlight.

Special Ops

  • In Archetype, PsiCorps Troopers (then only identified as Enemy Infantry) will sneak into the battlefield one by one. They pose no threat to Boris and Morales, who are both immune to mind control. They and Allied troops initially ignore each other; after Volkov is retrieved, they will start mind controlling the Allies, thereby causing a commotion that alerts the entire Allied base. Chronologically, this mission marks their first appearance.


  • The PsiCorps Trooper is first controllable in Television Lies, where both players can control one. They cannot mind control any vehicles in this mission.

Act One

Russia also has access to PsiCorps Trooper in the following Act One missions:

The Latin Confederation sometimes can use them as well in special conditions (requiring Battle Lab):

China has no access to PsiCorps Troopers at all.

Act Two

In Act Two, the amount of Adepts among the Epsilon gradually decreases. However, in the first and mid-stage of Act Two, the Epsilon Army, including PsiCorps, will uniformly use Adepts. As the story continues, the Epsilon Elite will gradually replace the Adepts, and both of them will coexist briefly during this time period. Adepts are fully phased out and replaced by Elites in Metaphor and Dance of Blood. From this point onwards, the Epsilon Army, including the Headquarters will use the Elites uniformly.

The tech tree unlocking in the campaign is adjusted. Non-Epsilon factions cannot produce all weaponry related to psychic technology from capturing the Epsilon base, which means that the players cannot use a series of units and buildings such as Epsilon Adepts, Epsilon Elites, Masterminds and Psychic Towers when capturing enemy Epsilon bases under normal circumstances. But for Adepts and Elites, a special "revolutionary education" method can still allow players to gain access to them. PsiCorps Troopers in Act One also follow the similar rule.


  • Can take control of most enemies and turn them against their comrades.
  • Can release a Psychic Blast which kills all nearby enemy infantry units.
  • Mind-controlled units are good money sources with a Grinder.
  • Decent range.
  • Immune to enemy mind control.
  • Mind-controlling a transport will trap loaded units inside it.
  • Extremely fragile.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Cannot mind-control infantry garrisoned in buildings.
  • Cannot affect airborne units, robots, animals and structures.
  • Cannot mind-control units that are already mind-controlled.
  • Ore miners, Hero units, MCVs are some of the notable exceptions that are immune to mind-control.
  • Can be countered using long ranged weapons.
  • Mediocre speed.
  • Cannot be transported while mind-controlling an enemy, leaving them very vulnerable.
  • Dogs are easy ways to decimate groups of Adepts, provided that said Adepts aren't ordered by their proselyte to unleash their psychic blasts.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, both the Latin Confederation and even China had access to Soviet-PsiCorps equipment. In Sunlight, the player can train PsiCorps Troopers by capturing the Chinese base and building an Atomheart, contrary to how the original design.
  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the mind-controlled Scorpion Cell forces in Relentless (which takes place after they betray Yuri and subsequently lose access to psychic tech) still had Adepts. This was also unintended.

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