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The Engineer is an important infantry for all sides of the war responsible for the maintenance of friendly buildings and seizing enemy and neutral structures. They can also locate and safely defuse explosive charges, repair destroyed bridges, capture empty vehicles and repair vehicles when inside an IFV or a Stinger.

Engineers are valuable personnel that should not be underestimated in the battlefield, despite being unarmed and incapable of fixing mechanical units on their own.

Official description


Engineers are a vital part of any military operation, whether it's instantly repairing friendly structures or bridges, capturing neutral or enemy buildings, or defusing bombs planted by enemy insurgents. Though an Engineer has many uses, he is unarmed, and so is often a priority target for enemy forces. Additionally, all Engineers can capture empty vehicles and tech structures instantly.[1]


Engineers make up an important part of military operations everywhere. Able to instantly repair friendly structures, capturing neutral or enemy buildings, or defuse hostile bombs makes them essential on the battlefield. Though an Engineer has many uses, he is unarmed, and so is often a priority target for enemy forces. Additionally, all Engineers can capture empty vehicles.[2]


The Engineer did not benefit from the invention of the Nanofiber Sync and incorporation of the technology in the Foehn Revolt's arsenal, and does not acquire a second form if the Sync is applied to them.

Despite that, an Engineer's role in every army is indisputable - instant repairs of friendly structures, capture of neutral or enemy buildings, defusal of bombs planted by the enemy insurgents and capture of empty vehicles. In the wake of the unmatched war machine that is the Foehn Revolt's nanofiber-enhanced infantry divisions, the Engineer remains the important backbone of each and every one of them.[3]


For a detailed list of changes from the original game, click here for the Allies, here for the Soviets, and here for Yuri's faction.

Engineers can be used for these purposes:

  1. To capture enemy structures and neutral tech buildings. Engineers can capture most buildings including power plants, construction yards and more. However, they cannot capture ecoboosters, naval shipyardssuperweapons and non-tech defense structures.
    • A single Engineer can capture any tech building in all modes and an enemy structure when it is at 1/3 (red) health in skirmish and multiplayer.
    • Two Engineers are required to capture an enemy structure with 2/3 (yellow) health in skirmish and multiplayer.
    • Three Engineers are required to capture an enemy structure with full (green) health in skirmish and multiplayer.
    • In singleplayer and cooperative, a single Engineer can capture enemy buildings.
  2. To repair bridges. When an Engineer enters the Bridge Repair Hut, the bridge adjacent to it is instantly repaired.
  3. To repair friendly structures. Again, the Engineer would go in and fix the damaged structure instantly to full health.
  4. To capture depiloted vehicles and tech vehicles.
  5. Turns an IFV or a Stinger into a repair vehicle while inside, which can repair and remove Terror Drones and Chitzkoi.
  6. To detect and defuse bombs. When a bomb is planted on a unit or a structure, an Engineer may approach the unit or structure and safely disarm the bomb. The Engineer is not consumed in the process.

AI behavior

The AI will notoriously send out squads of Engineers to capture as many tech buildings as possible (even as early as after building a Barracks), and occasionally sends them out to capture enemy-owned tech buildings that are usually undefended.


In campaign, a single Engineer can capture an enemy building immediately, regardless of health.

Act One

  • In Act One, since the Epsilon Army has not been established at this time, the PsiCorps Engineer uses Soviet color schemes. Starting from The Conqueror, the Epsilon begins to use its own style Engineer.

Act Two

  • In Earthrise, which is set on the Moon, Engineers are called Space Engineers and wear suits that protect them from the vacuum of space, with the downside of making them vulnerable to magnetic weapons like the Magnetron and Magnetic Beam. Their cost is also increased to $900.


  • In Origins, since the Foehn Revolt has not yet been established at this time, the Engineer in the Revolt uses Soviet or Allied color schemes.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 2.0, the Engineers from different factions has their own features: Allied one has higher speed, Soviet one is tougher and the Epsilon one has immunity to poison and self-healing ability. In version 3.0, all Engineers' status have been unified.


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