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For the Allied siege infantry in 2.0 and older versions, see Siege Cadre/Old.

After the American bases in Africa were struck by rebels, the Soviets poisoned the water supplies of the remaining Allied forces. With what little they have, the Americans fight back.
—Mission description

Operation: Enforcers is the fourth Allied cooperative mission.

The enemies facing in this mission are considered to be Russia (as the Allies do not participate in the internal struggle between Russia and PsiCorps) by the Allies, but they are actually PsiCorps, which can be seen from the large number of Soviet-PsiCorps equipment used by the Soviets here.


After the rebels hit us, most of our North Africa troops have been sent to chase them. A Soviet force used this opportunity to push forward, encircling our vulnerable base. They've poisoned our water supplies. Now, we're taking action with the Euros' help. Re-establish contact with our outpost and reinforce it against the Soviet aggression. Our resources here are limited. Use them wisely.

Objective 1: Escort the MCV to the outpost in the south.

Objective 2 & 3: Destroy the excavation site and all Soviet production.


Escorting the Allied MCV

The Allies infantry and tanks made their path as soon as the transports arrived at coast. Along the way, Abrams Tanks and numerous infantry followed MCV and destroyed the pursuit units and defensive structures along the route. During their forwarding, enemy Drillers made their ambush to Allies, with the PsiCorps Troopers. When MCV arrived in the south, two commanders discovered an abandoned outpost and handed it over to the commander who did not have MCV; Finally, the MCV arrived at the scheduled location.

Eliminate all hostiles

After the two commanders gained their foothold, they found the local Soviet expedition forces were trying to poison the water supply at a digging site, located in the east. The commander who had Construction Yard recaptured Abrams Tanks and Bulldog Tanks at this outpost and discovered that the enemy might use the Engineer & Driller's sneak attack tactics. So he built Walls for the Construction Yard. The two commanders found that they had their own shortfalls: Although the commander who had Construction Yard could develop the base, he could not build the War Factory but only the Air Force Command Headquarters.

The commander who was able to build the vehicle immediately built some Stryker IFVs, then let Engineers enter them and turn them into repair vehicles. Then he let these Strykers and Abrams Tanks set off directly to take out the enemy outpost on the west. As this tactic was effective, the outpost was quickly captured.

For another commander, his job was mainly defense. While defending, he built some Stormchildren investigative the battlefield and destroyed the barrels in Soviet outposts. The tank forces went to a city and easily destroyed the Terror Drones there. Stormchilds helped them destroy the occupied buildings in the city and the PsiCorps Troopers there. Then one of the commanders captured the Tech Airfield.

At this time, the Soviets sent many Borillos to the bases of the commanders, causing trouble for the defensive commander, but the tank forces have now approached the front of the Excavation Site. They passed a tightly guarded canyon and focused on destroying a large number of Soviet troops who were entrenched around the Excavation Site. Then, when they completed the destruction of the Excavation Site, they went to search and annihilate all the Soviet outposts here.


The U.S. military in Tunisia eventually succeeded in meeting with the large forces, and the forces of the Allies in North Africa have also been consolidated. However, with the growing strain on the European war situation, the Allied forces of North Africa still struggle to survive the double strangling of the Soviets and the warlords named Scorpion Cell. They didn't seem to be survived well in the end.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 35000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is the lowest.
  • 2 armor upgrade crates and 1 veterancy crate will appear at the initial position.
  • An extra armor upgrade crate is present on a certain highland escorts will pass through during the first phase.
  • Removed most of the enemy ambushes encountered during the escort phase.
  • Removed Borillo squads with PsiCorps Trooper, Terror Drone, Tesla Trooper and Pyros that is regularly spawned to assault players during the later phase.


  • Starting credits: 25000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is medium.
  • 3 veterancy crates will appear on the map.


  • Starting credits: 20000
  • Enemy AI's attack intensity is the highest.
  • * During later phase, a sneak attack with Drillers carrying 1 Tesla Trooper and 2 Engineers will raid on the bases of two players.
  • Four Tech Artillery Bunkers and the Tech Machine Shop on the map are initially owned by the enemies.
  • No Longbow reinforcements given to players in later phase.

Easter egg


Capture a Helibunker next to the Tech Base Expansion Post at central region of map to receive two money crates.