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Elite Reserves is a support power available for the Soviets from the Palace, Battle Lab, or Atomheart. While active, the Soviet commander will requisition elite reserve forces to bolster their army, which translates to making every Tier 1 infantry, ground vehicles and naval vessels, as well as War Miners, Demolition Trucks, Bomb Buggies and Mosquito Demoboats trained as elites, which can be useful to rapidly assemble elite units amidst a losing situation to level the playing field or getting the upper hand against strong enemy forces.

Elite Reserves also affect War Miners created from a constructed Soviet Ore Refinery.

Elite Reserves also affect paratrooper reinforcements (including vehicles from a Tech Reinforcement Pad) and infantry who evacuate from destroyed buildings, but only applies to Soviet units; Allied, Epsilon, and Foehn units are not affected, even if the commander captures their respective production structures or imprisons their infantry in Field Bureaus.

Note that Elite Reserves will not work when there are eligible units already in queue for production before activating it. Therefore, ongoing unit production must be cancelled first before activating Elite Reserves.

The table below lists the maximum possible number of units produced during Elite Reserves based on the number of production structures:

Unit 1 Production
2 Production
3 Production
4 Production
25 25 25 25
25 25 25 25
25 25 25 25
2 2 3 3
6 7 9 9
5 6 7 9
Rhino Heavy Tank
4 4 5 6
Jaguar Assault Tank
4 5 6 7
Qilin Heavy Tank
3 4 5 6
2 3 3 4
3 3 4 5
2 3 3 4

AI behavior

Automatically used by the AI once Elite Reserves is off cooldown. However, they are not forced to produce the units that gain from this support power, and will not interrupt their currently produced units to make full use of it.


In case of emergency, deploy the Elite Reserves from our barracks and factories.
—Soviet intel during Operation: The Raven

Russia and Latin Confederation have access to Elite Reserves since the beginning of Act two. While China does not have it at first, they do start to use it after the Singapore negotiation thanks to the Russian share it before the negotiation started. The Revolt with Chinese equipments have the access to Elite Reserves as well, also the Soviet forces with Chinese equipment in Brothers in Arms.

Act Two

Behind the scenes

  • In the campaign of version 3.3.5, China and The Revolt did not have access to Elite Reserves.