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At third facility, Steinstech is nearing completion of their next-gen Chronosphere prototype. The Chinese struggle to slow its development down by sending Yunru to hack it.
—Mission description

Operation: Ego Ergo Hax is the seventh Soviet cooperative mission.

This mission is part of 3 coordinated Soviet attacks in an attempt to destroy the Allies' research facilities.


This is SteinsTech Laboratory. The Allied Chronosphere is in this base. Our troops in Japan have reported that the Allies are planning to use the Chronosphere to move several scientists from the Kanegawa Industries here to help with their work. We need to sabotage this next-gen Chronosphere before that happens. Yunru, one of our lead scientists, is capable of hacking into the device. She must not be killed on her way. You will both escort her. Order Yunru to use her advanced EMP weapon against our enemies. There are multiple routes you can use. Clear a path for her. The Russians will flank Fort Dukem when their forces have been gathered. This area is heavily fortified. Do not waste time with unnecessary engagements.

Objective 1: Escort Yunru to the Chronosphere.

Objective 2: Get Yunru to the extraction point.


Lead the way

After intercepting the Euro Alliance’s communication with the Pacific Front from Japan that the Allies were trying to use the Chronosphere, China immediately dispatched two troops to the Black Forest and positioned it next to the SteinsTech Laboratory and decided to sabotage it, and only Yunru was capable of doing this. It would take a while for the Russians to flank Fort Dukem after gathered and arrive here, so these two squads could only open up the roads for Yunru alone. Due to this area was heavily fortified, so two Chinese commanders decided to avoid unnecessary engagements and started their actions. And Yunru expressed her expectations with two commanders:

So you've been assigned to protect me? I hope we can do this together!

Of the two commanders, one has standard weaponry and one has advanced units. The commander with the advanced infantry immediately got another team on the high ground after gained battlefield control. He used Terror Drones to detect the road ahead and destroyed some defenders along the way; the other two troops were steadily moving forward. Nuwa Cannons and Eradicators were the main force of the attack. The Repair Drones was followed by maintenance; the remaining troops were behind.

Due to the number of Allies here was so large that whenever the two squads travelled a distance, the Allies would strengthen their encirclement, which made the squads moved slowly, but even so, the Chinese army did not relax the protection of Yunru. Moreover, they did not have any means of healing infantry.

When the two troops marched to the west, intelligence prompted that some Snipers entered the battlefield. But there was also good news: the Russian army successfully entered the battlefield and would support the two Chinese troops from the west. The Chinese army also obtained two small-scale reinforcements.

They crossed a bridge and passed through a tree-covered valley where they wiped out the Mirage Tanks, which tried to ambush, and then headed to the highlands behind the Chronosphere. But at this time the Euro Alliance sent four Thor Gunships, and the two commanders had to let Sentinels come to shoot them down.

After the area was safe, Yunru fired EMP rays from the distance to the Chronosphere to cause something in it destroyed.


Yunru decided to let the troops begin to evacuate after her mission finished:

This shouldn't take long. You can arrange a transport for me in the meantime!

Yunru took a Halftrack and transferred to Borillo at the assembly point of the main force. At this time, both Russian army and the Chinese army again sent reinforcements to cover Yunru for evacuation. She also emphasized to the commanders that the time was of the essence.

At this time, the Allied forces built the base in the original assembly of the two Chinese troops without knowing it.

All the troops directly rushed into the base that the Allied Force had just established and dismantled as much defense as possible, as a bait to cover the retreat of Yunru. Finally, Yunru left safely on the road she came form.


The disruption to Chronosphere has been completed and the Soviets have also shifted their position to prepare for the next move. At the same time, the Allied Commander, far away from Japan, did not know until the moment the mission was completed: The Chronosphere in the Black Forest had already been passive. The Battle Tortoise equipped with KI Scientist was a few kilometers away from the SteinsTech Laboratory. Although a few kilometers are short, the road has been filled with Soviet ambush troops. They even plan to destroy several allied outposts along the way. For Allied Commander, the big trouble was coming...

Difficulty changes


  • 2 veterancy crates are stationed at initial position.
  • 6 additional heal crates will appear on the map.
  • The number of reinforcements sent to players are the most numerous in this difficulty.


  • 1 veterancy crate is stationed at initial position.
  • 6 additional heal crates will appear on the map.


  • No crates are stationed at initial position.
  • The number of reinforcements sent to players are the least in this difficulty.

Easter egg


Reach the forested area near the top-left corner to receive a firepower, armor, and speed crate. The grass tiles here spell "Loval", which refers to the author of this mission.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.0, Yunru is controlled by AI, she'll automatically act depending on players' advancing process.


  • The mission's name means "I therefore hacks", partly in Latin.
  • Prior to 3.3.3., this is the only Soviet mission where Yunru is playable.