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The Chinese forces have begun their march through Kagoshima to acquire the technology created by the Japanese Kanegawa Industries. As they are approaching the K.I. facilities, which store prototype Future Tanks, a Pacific Front army stationed there refuses to surrender. A battle is inevitable.
—Mission description

Operation: Eclipse is a Soviet Special Operations campaign mission.


General, your directives are being changed. The commander we sent to the K.I. Complex in Kagoshima managed to complete his task, so your assistance there is no longer required. We were doubtful that they were going to succeed, given how young and inexperienced he is, but it seems in the end he managed to take care of the situation with a swift strike. Surprising, but it allows us to redirect your forces to another part of the country. While our operations in India are proceeding well, the Pacific Front continues to put up a resistance in Japan, and we need their facilities to support our war efforts as soon as possible. It appears despite a few important voices of opposition, our Leadership has decided to move forward with the Great Rewrite Plan and leave a major part of it up to the woman from Kashmir and her research teams. Her loyalties better be where they believe them to be, but the Leadership has never been wrong before.

At one of their facilities in Miyazaki, of the few that refuse to turn, the Pacific Front’s Kanegawa Industries appear to be working on new weapons to add to their growing arsenal. One of them seems to be a fully automated and pilotless vehicle, resembling a rumoured American design our spies have informed us about several months ago. We may not be able to stop production of said unit completely, but if we pressure the stubborn forces there, it might be enough to halt the new developments for a while. Even better, the destruction of the facility might just force them into surrender, allowing us to acquire the weapons. Show them what happens to those who won't submit to the Chinese Dragon, General.

Objective 1: Destroy the Pacific Front outpost.

Objective 2 & 3: Destroy all Robot Ops Control Centers & the enemy bases.


Clearing the outpost

The Chinese general had very few initial troops: just a few elite Qilin Tanks, Nuwa Cannons and Borillos with some Pyros and Tesla Troopers. Since a nearby outpost had been infiltrated, what he had to do is to clear another larger Pacific Front outpost so his MCV could get there.

His troops opened a gap at the corner where a Prism Tower was to bypass the tight defenses of the outpost and quickly destroyed most of the buildings by detonating barrels. When all Power Plants were destroyed, Pacific Front abandoned all defensive structures; when all the buildings were destroyed, they sent all units to encircle the squad. The Chinese general responded quickly and eliminated all enemy forces in the outpost.

Capture or destroy

As the MCV was deployed, the general received a new mission: Miyazaki's Pacific Front wanted their Future Tanks to operate independently from the Robot Ops Control Center. Once he destroyed all three control centers, the Future Tanks on the battlefield would be shut down. But the Chinese was also planning to let a Technician try to decode the relevant data of the control center so that Future Tanks could be under their control.

The general captured Tech Oil Derricks and Tech Hospital near the outpost, but the nearby infiltrated outpost was quickly destroyed - three Future Tanks X-0 detonated a lot of barrels there. In order to deal with these tanks, China began to send reinforcements, which were equipped with Pacific Front arsenal scrapped in Kagoshima. The first reinforcements were four Zephyrs.

Soon after, the general received a second batch of reinforcements. This reinforcement included more Pacific Front units, and the reinforcements he received throughout the follow-up battle were all in this way. The Technician also came here. He mentioned that the War Factory and the control center closest to the base were connected with each other. As long as it decompiled the computer system, the hacked War Factory will continue to produce Future Tanks in the largest number. However, he also pointed out that the general could directly destroy it, and the choice was in his hands.

The general commanded his troops to advance to the location where the technician said, and took the Technician to the designated location to start his work. The Technician completed his work in minutes, but the plan was only half done: even if he decoded the computer system of the control center, the other two control centers still maintain control of the Future Tanks with resistance. In order to gain complete control of these Future Tanks, several Saboteurs came to the battlefield to sabotage the two control centers.


While the general was still attacking the Pacific Front bases, he was reminded that there was a strong signal that was interfering with his base. Then he suddenly lost control of all the buildings after a few seconds. Fortunately, the building control was immediately restored and the intelligence department was trying to track down the source of the interference signal for the general.

After a short period of time, the search for intelligence had the result: there was a facility in the northwest corner of the battlefield that seemed to consisting reverse research on EMP technology, and China could not tolerate this technology as owned by the Allies, and requires the general to destroy this device, which was still working.

The general at this time was letting Saboteurs go to the two control centers, but he was in trouble again: the two bases were protected by a kind of robot called Tengu, which has the ability to detect disguise. Knowing this, the general had to let the main force advance to the base, destroy the robots that threatened Saboteur first before let the Saboteurs complete the infiltration mission.

Wrapping up

The general began a counterattack, and his forces destroyed all defenses outside the Pacific Front base which had control centers, including Tengus on the road that the Saboteurs would pass. When the remaining two control centers were infiltrated, the Saboteurs sabotaged the control system and destroyed the control center. All Future Tanks were then turned to the general's control (while the direct destruction would cause all Future Tanks and Tengus turned off).

After solving the problems of Future Tanks, the general took a moment to eliminate the last Allies forces there, including the Blackout Research Station. However, the Pacific Front initiates the control centers' self-destruct sequence right after the last of their forces are destroyed.


The Future Tanks here have been destroyed, but there are certainly more and so we must find them. If we are ever able to benefit from Yuri's mind control technologies, fully automated tanks like these will surely remain a threat to our might.
—Battlefield report

Despite China’s overwhelming victory in this battle, the Robot Ops Control Centers' self-destruction makes them unable to to fully grasp the production technology of unmanned tanks. Influenced by Yuri, they decided to explore research methods in mind control technology, but then Yuri's betrayal declared the plan to fail again.

On the other hand, the destruction of the main Future Tank manufacturing complex in Miyazaki did not completely ruin the Future Tank Project. Some manufacturing complex in Kyushu Island still had some finished products of Future Tanks, while the other KI base in northern Japan saved the technology as well. This technique had helped some people years later...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 65000
  • The number of Allied troops defending and the number of reinforcements during the initial assault on the outpost are the least in this difficulty.
  • Additional reinforcements consisting of Pacific Front equipment will be sent.


  • Starting credits: 50000


  • Starting credits: 45000
  • The number of Allied troops defending and the number of enemy reinforcements during the initial assault on the outpost are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • The Allies will capture the Tech Artillery Bunker on the west cliff near player's base initially.
  • Future Tank's firepower and armor will be strengthened.

Easter egg

Good job, General. Now the ghosts of these monkeys will haunt you forever.
—Soviet intel
  • Killing all of the monkeys on the map will cause Soviet intelligence to respond with the quote above.
  • If a few hours have passed and the player sends the Technician to a Field Bureau, they will receive 5,000,005 credits.


  • The mission has a series of optional objectives:
    • The player brings the Technician to a Robot Ops Control Center, then they have to protect him for 2.5 minutes.
    • When his hacking has finished, the War Factory near the ROCC will turn to ally AI control. Once the player has destroyed all cyan War Factories and Robot Ops Control Centers, all Future Tanks currently on the map (whether active or inactive) will fall under the players control, and the ally-controlled War Factory will continually start producing Future Tanks.
    • However, the alternative ending will be triggered once the player completes the mission: the captured Robot Ops Control Center and War Factory will self-destruct, all Chinese-controlled Future Tanks will eventually shut down.
    • If the player destroys all Robot Ops Control Centers without completing the optional objectives, all enemy-owned active ones will simply shut down.