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The Allied Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has been captured by numerous Soviet forces, crippling the American air superiority. The US troops send in their top operative, Special Agent Tanya, to retake the campus and retrieve plans for the Stormchild jet.
—Mission description

Operation: Eagle Fly Free is the second Allied Act One campaign mission.


Yet again we're in times of war, where young commanders like you are sent to hell and back along with their soldiers. Carville has commended you for your work in Washington D.C., and said you've got the spirit he used to have when he was your age. It is true - the future of our nation might just be in the hands of this generation, and so it's your time to prove yourself. Now, we do not yet understand how it was possible for the Soviets to disable our Peacekeeper system so quickly. What's more puzzling is their capability to start two major military operations at the same time. We've received intel from the Euro Alliance saying that the Russians are marching through Eastern Europe as well.

The Russian forces have penetrated deep into the heartland, capturing the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Liberating the Academy and its air force base is vital to strengthening our defenses. Reports indicate that a large amount of enemy forces is approaching from Mexico, and we might not have enough ground forces at the position to counter them.

Special Agent Tanya, one of our finest commandos, will assist you in retaking the air base and driving the Soviets out of the area. Good luck.

Objective 1: Recapture the Air Force Academy Chapel.
Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet forces.
Tanya must stay in action until the Chapel is recaptured.


Recapturing the Air Force Base

Securing the power plants

- Be on the lookout for spies, comrade. It seems a little too quiet tonight.
- Hehe, we don't need to worry about stupid American spies. That's what the dogs are for!
—A Conscript and a Rhino Tank operator conversing about the possible presence of Allied spies

Tanya showed up on the scene with a Medic, two GI's and two Guardian GI's. Shortly afterwards, two Spies arrived to help disable the power. Moving north, Tanya eliminates the patrols in their way, making sure not to be surprised by Soviet Attack Dogs hidden inside kennels. After crossing the bridge, destroying several vehicles nearby, the Commander ordered them to proceed up the hillside and move to a small lake nearby a Satellite Hack Center and some Oil Derricks. There were two Tesla Troopers next to the Hack Center so the Commander ordered his GGI's in as a distraction, breaking the sandbags so Tanya could kill them.

Tanya and the Spies were the only ones who could cross the lake so the Commander ordered her to proceed on her own, killing any dogs that were near her position and headed down the hillside into the area where the power plants were. The Commander ordered the Spies to take their disguises and slowly follow on behind Tanya. Once the area was clear of enemies, the second phase of the operation could commence.

Proceeding to the AFB

Now that Tanya and the spies were in position, the Commander created a large force of GI's and GGI's at a nearby outpost and proceeded to the base. He also ordered the Bulldog Light Tanks to follow and assist in the capture.

When they got within sight of the base, the Commander ordered the first Spy to enter the power plant and disable the power. Now that the defences were offline, he ordered his task force to destroy the Soviet Tesla Coils protecting the Construction Yard before the power could come back. He then ordered an Engineer to recapture it.

Just as the Commander ordered his second Spy to enter the power plant, the Soviets caught on to what he was doing and sold off their structures. However, good news arrived in the form of the Rocketeers. The Commander ordered them to destroy the Tesla Coils protecting the south side of the Airforce Base. Since the Soviets failed to produce any anti-aircraft defences, the Tesla Coils fell quickly.

He then ordered his Engineers to recapture all the remaining Allied buildings in the base which included a War Factory, a Refinery, some Allied Power Plants and the Air Force Command Headquarters, along with the chapel itself. At the same time as he did this, reinforcements arrived in the shape of a battalion of Bulldog Tanks.

Wiping out the Soviet forces in the area

Now that the Air Force Base was recaptured, it was time to eliminate all Soviet forces surrounding the area. Reports came in to the Commander that the Stormchild schematics had been taken to the main Soviet base after the AFB was ransacked. He couldn't allow the Soviets to get their hands on their tech.

He ordered a Stallion Transport Helicopter to take the Engineers back to where the Hack Center & Oil Derricks were and capture them. This gave the Commander a full tactical view of the battlefield. Now he could properly analyse the situation and devise a solution.

He ordered the Stallion back to base and take Tanya to an area behind the main Soviet base where several power plants were left relatively unguarded. He also ordered several Rocketeers to follow on behind to be a distraction for anti-aircraft guns. Tanya landed and wiped out enemy forces guarding the power plants. She then destroyed them and proceeded to a small hillside behind the main Soviet base.

The Soviets were definitely power hungry as they constructed a massive number of power plants inside their main base. Tanya made her way down the hillside and killed any patrols she encountered, all the while, avoiding any sentry guns she encountered as there were simply too many to handle at once, even for her.

Tanya wiped out the power plants and then destroyed the Construction Yard and War Factory to prevent anymore buildings or vehicles to be built. After clearing out more patrols, she destroyed the Barracks and Ore Refinery to prevent any more infantry spamming.

After wiping out the main Soviet buildings, they sold off their remaining structures and began one final attack against Allied positions at the Air Force Base. Though outnumbered, the Commander kept a cool head and eliminated the remaining Soviet forces in the area, finally securing Colorado Springs AFB.


With the Air Force Academy Chapel recaptured, we now have a shot at regaining our air superiority. Reports of Soviet forces pushing up through Mexico are coming in rapidly. An ideal opportunity to demonstrate the might of our recovered air force.
—Battlefield Report

After the Soviets were defeated and the chapel was retaken, the Latin Confederation's forces were nearing the US/Mexico border faster than expected. With the recaptured schematics for the Stormchild fighter jet, the Americans rushed down to the border before it was too late...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 12000
  • The enemy AI attack intensity is the weakest in this difficulty.
  • A veterancy crate and an armor crate can be found near the strike force's starting location.
  • An Attack Dog team appearing from the top left Soviet outpost is removed.
  • All kennels on the map will not spawn Attack Dogs when approached.
  • All EMP Mines on the map will be removed.
  • All Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils on the path of Tanya's squad, as well as several others on the map, will be removed.
  • No enemy infantry will be garrisoning an army tent at top left region of map.
  • The player will receive an additional reinforcement of 2 Abrams Tanks and 2 Bulldog Tanks.
  • All Tech Artillery Bunkers as well as 2 Borillos located at the top right region will be removed.
  • Two small army tent buildings at top left region of map will be removed.
  • 2 additional money crates will be given when the Air Force Academy Chapel is recaptured.
  • The enemy will not control the 4 Tech Oil Derricks and the Tech Satellite Hack Center on the map.


  • Starting credits: 7500
  • The enemy AI attack intensity is in medium state in this difficulty.
  • If the player choose to cross the bridge and strike the reactor outpost head-on, the kennel inside said outpost will continuously spawn Attack Dogs attacking the squad for a substantial amount of time.


  • Starting credits: 5000
  • The enemy AI attack intensity is the heaviest in this difficulty.
  • Only 1 Spy will be sent for the first phase of the mission, compared with 2 in easier difficulties.
  • If the player choose to cross the bridge and strike the reactor outpost head-on, the kennel inside said outpost will continuously spawn Attack Dogs attacking the squad for a substantial amount of time.
  • Numerous enemy infantry will be paradropped behind Tanya's team as they proceed.
  • Desolators will guard the main entrance of the Soviet base.
  • A Rhino Tank squad will appear from the left after the base is recaptured.
  • A Borillo with 3 Conscripts and 3 Crazy Ivans as passenger will appear from the bottom left after the base is recaptured.
  • 6 Conscripts and 3 Tesla Troopers will be paradropped to the cliff near the Air Force Academy Chapel after the base is recaptured, and will try to blow up the barrels next to the Allied War Factory in order to destroy it.
  • 7 more EMP Mines will appear on the map.
  • All Tesla Coils in the captured Allied base are accompanied by a Tesla Trooper supercharging it.
  • The hint about Tanya's amphibious ability, as well as the shroud reveal of a rear entrance to the top left Soviet outpost, is removed.

Easter egg

  • Around the middle right of the map is an elite Abrams Tank locked behind fences, piles of rocks and a Tech Artillery Bunker. Sending an Engineer into the Abrams will cause it to join the player's forces. As of 3.3.5, however, be wary of friendly fire as this will cause the Abrams to attack the player.
  • Just right of the bottom left corner of the map are three elite Guardian GI's standing next to a campfire. If the player approaches them with a unit, they will join their forces while the following voice line is played:
Glad you found us, sir. We're freezing out here!


  • This mission is a remake of Eagle Dawn in Red Alert 2. Unlike said mission however, Allied jets are not available once the airbase is taken.