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The EMP Control Station can release an EM (Electromagnetic) Pulse anywhere on the battlefield, shutting down any unfortunate vehicles caught in its wake for 24 seconds, giving enough time for China's slow but powerful war machines to reach and eliminate them. It also affects certain infantry such as cyborgs and those using exoskeletons.

A quirk that can be exploited by the EM Pulse is that hovering vehicles will sink to their demise when they are disabled in water, allowing it to be used offensively against such vehicles like Kappa Tanks.

AI behavior

The AI will use EM Pulse on a vehicle in the enemy's largest unit group. Ignores cloaked targets.


Act One


  • In Tainted Empire, after the player took the Kanegawa Industries outpost for a while, the KI technicians will grant access of EM Pulse from Chinese base and give it to the player, providing by Adapted Tech Center. Therefore, the EMP Control Station is unavailable to built if the player captures the Chinese base, unless the player loses the Tech Center.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 the EM Pulse was called through the Chinese Science Lab. The EM Pulse also had a shorter delay and a different visual effect.


  • AI target this support power at a vehicle in the largest unit group, player can deceive AI by placing a vehicle amongst a horde of infantry.