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Dybbuk Hives are special 'buildings' used by the Epsilon Army to churn out an unlimited amount of Dybbuk-Interceptors.


A Dybbuk Hive is a hole on the ground from which Dybbuk jets emerge. According to Allied intel, Dybbuk Hives' sensors allow them to detect enemies, especially aircraft, from a long range, and accordingly send Dybbuk-Interceptors at them. By default, a Dybbuk Hive can house and launch up to 4 Dybbuk-Interceptors.

Dybbuk Hives cannot be attacked by any unit or destroyed by conventional ways; instead, there is a specialized method to destroy Dybbuk Hives depending on the mission.


Act Two

  • In Insomnia, the enemy Epsilon forces have four Dybbuk Hives: one in the western PsiCorps base, one in the eastern path and two in the core of the complex. These Dybbuk Hives serve as a deterrence so that the Paradox Engine could not advance far into the Epsilon complex until they are destroyed, which can be done by destroying the Mind Readers and Radar Spires on a path distinguished by pavement connected to the Dybbuk Hive. The ally may help destroy some Dybbuk Hives, depending on the difficulty (see difficulty changes of Insomnia).
  • In Death's Hand, 3 Dybbuk Hives with standard function are present in the city, while 2 of them are used for protecting the Kremlin. These 2 Hives also house the Hands of Ereshkigal that will appear later on. The only way to disable the Hives is to kill Yuri.
  • In Withershins, several Dybbuk Hives protect the Mental Omega Device and its surrounding bases, with 4 of them having a vastly longer range. Similar to the previous mission, destroying the Mind Readers and Radar Spires will disable them, except the Dybbuk Hives near the Mental Omega Device. However, the Allies have learned from the previous mission and have made several counters, namely:
    • The Radar Jammer, a support power which disables all Dybbuk Hives temporarily.
    • The Hyper Jammer which is active on the player's base; as long as the Paradox Engine is stationed there, the Dybbuk Hives will not launch Dybbuk-Interceptors at the Paradox Engine.
    • Thors are outfitted with the Black Widow's jamming technology which allows them to resist Dybbuk-Interceptor attacks.
  • In the Stage II of Babel, only two aforementioned Hives at the core base are kept. These two Hives are disabled during the first Time Freeze in this mission, see its appearance in Hamartia below for details.
  • In the first phase of Hamartia, one of the main objectives is let Tanya destroy the underground Dybbuk Launch Facility in order to disable the last Dybbuk Hives protecting the Mental Omega Device.


  • In The Great Beyond, the enemy Headquarters forces have a Dybbuk Hive on the central island. As with in Insomnia, they can be disabled by destroying the Mind Readers connected to the Dybbuk Hives.

Special Ops

  • In the first phase of Parasomnia, 4 Dybbuk Hives must be disabled by destroying the corresponding Radar Spires and Mind Readers. In the second phase, 2 Dybbuk Hives that spawn Aerial Fortresses Irkalla can be located in the center of the map. Destroying the Mind Reader located near the "Irkalla Hives" will disable it.


  • In the Purgatory Challenge, each PsiCorps base has a single Dybbuk Hive. Although these Dybbuk Hives can only launch Dybbuk-Interceptors and Dybbuk-Attackers, they still essentially makes a large area a no-fly zone as well as posing somewhat threat to vehicles. Destroying a base will cause its corresponding Dybbuk Hive to be destroyed as well.