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The Dybbuk-Seizer is an Epsilon stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating a rogue Epsilon Pandora Hub and Construction Yard. Another, yet uncommon, member of Epsilon's Dybbuk aircraft series, alongside the common fighter and bomber variants, this aircraft functions as an aerial mind controller.

Official description

In the complicated process of weapons-developing, Yuri's scientists have come up with the most bizarre of designs and the most unorthodox of tactics. As Yuri's gift of mind control has been spread to the many of his Adepts and Elites, and has further been built upon in the form of the advanced Masterminds and efficient Psychic Towers, step by step, his vision of worldwide mind control was getting closer to reality.

One of its side projects was a concept for an aircraft in the Dybbuk series: equipped with advanced artificial mind control systems akin to those of the Mastermind, adjusted for aerial long-range use, and further enhanced with targeting apparatus, that would allow this new Dybbuk to even take control of most of the enemy air force. The unit could then be enhanced by special precise long-range emitters, suited for supplying the captured forces with a dose of the Terminus Drugs, to temporarily enhance their fighting capabilities, and make them more powerful than they were before the capture. Dybbuk-Seizer was to be a complex, technologically advanced solution to Yuri's notorious issues with using his mind control units in dangerous environments, where they would fall to the likes of enemy snipers or EMP weapons.

And then they realized they can just put three Epsilon Adepts on a plane.[1]


The Dybbuk-Seizer is the fastest mind-controller available, rivaling even the Hummingbird in speed. Additionally, it has the ability to mind-control piloted aircraft and lacks the Epsilon Adept/Elite's fragility and the Mastermind's notable weakness of brainwave overload that leads to its self-destruction.

Another feature that sets apart the Dybbuk-Seizer is that its mind control victims receive a boost in firepower for a limited time, similar to the Rage superweapon. With the right units seized, Seizers can cause more chaos than regular mind controllers if the enemy cannot retaliate against them.

With these traits in mind, a clever proselyte is able to use the Dybbuk-Seizer to seize control of important units behind enemy lines or where they least expect it; he won't have to worry about mind-controlling the wrong unit/s, as he has to manually order the Seizer to do so. Unfortunately, unlike other mind controllers, the Seizer has limited "ammunition", meaning the proselyte must choose his targets carefully, as the unwilling victims can only be changed manually once the Dybbuk-Seizer has reloaded in its airfield if it is out of "ammunition".

In an Epsilon vs. Epsilon matchup where this aircraft would be ideally acquired, it is a rather situational aircraft, as there are not that many unique Epsilon units to mind control, and if one is playing as PsiCorps, there are far better options to mind-control enemy units. But these aircraft are at their most dangerous when there are other enemy factions, as most of their advanced units worth mind controlling are unable to outrun the Dybbuk-Seizer.


Our last psychic achievement, the Dybbuk-Seizer is now available for construction. With three Adepts inside, this jet can mind control enemy ground and flying units alike.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Babel

Act Two

  • The Dybbuk-Seizer debuts in Earthrise as aerial enemies. As with most Epsilon aircraft, it is fully capable of maneuvering in space. The player can only make use of Dybbuk-Seizers by capturing the Aerodomes where they are housed; it is impossible to build them. These Seizers have increased hit points and only the enemy is capable of building them, as long as a Pandora Hub with a Psychplug is present.
  • The Dybbuk-Seizer is available to the Epsilon forces in Withershins, Hamartia, Death's Hand, and Babel. In Babel, it becomes buildable to the player, requiring Cloning Vats.


  • Mind controls up to three enemy units.
  • Flying mobile unit makes it easy to capture enemy units, especially those without anti-air capabilities.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • As fast as a Hummingbird.
  • Victims are granted a temporary boost in firepower.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub.
  • Has to target units manually to mind control.
  • Has no other defensive capabilities of its own.
  • Not very durable.
  • Vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • Has limited "ammunition".

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