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The Dybbuk-Interceptor is a member of Epsilon's Dybbuk series of aircraft, serving as an anti-air fighter. It often appears along with the Gehenna Platform or Dybbuk Hive.


Dybbuk-Interceptor's attack method is similar to the Attacker, with both using ARO launchers to attack the target, which is replaced by the air force on the Interceptor however. The presence of the Dybbuk-Interceptor can greatly enhance Epsilon's anti-air capabilities, since the Dybbuk Interceptor will pursue the target incessantly once it takes off to attack, and there is no ammo limit for it.

For the enemy of the Interceptor's user, the only way to completely eliminate their threat is to destroy or deactivate the landing supporters of these Interceptors.


Act Two

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.6, Dybbuk-Interceptor has only one voxel model. Those from Dybbuk Hives used the same voxel with the Gehenna one, while the current Hive Interceptor's model was used by Dybbuk-Attacker.